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In the first part of this post a look at a 'concealed' code and a few word-numbers 'transformed' using the code. In the 2nd part a brief foray into Freemasonry and the Renaissance plus a hooking of dogfish. Still further a brief look at the Masonic imagery in LOST, the TV series.

The Original 'Pope'.

It may also prove pertinent to include a missive from Carlos Suares:

" The earthly adventure in Canaan had been [ and still is] an error of the people. In those times , it was necessary for the myth. Had not Jerusalem existed as the holy centre of the Mosaic Law, YHVH would not have destroyed it. Its importance lies in its destruction, not in its having been built.
For Israel in the true sense , the name Canaan is not that of a country. It has no frontiers. And YHVH in its true meaning is not a deity to be worshipped , least of all in a temple."

In Genesis, Ch.1.,v.i in the Torah [Genesis = Berashyt in Hebrew] we have a verse of 7 words made up of 28 characters.
To the eye one sees immediately numbers pertaining to the MOON , 28 days being a lunar cycle and that month divided into 4 weeks of 7 days each.

The first word/formula = BRAShYTh, 6 characters , possibly standing for the 6 days of creation, as well as for the 6 connecting vectors of minimum structure - Tetrahedron.
The first character B is the second character of the Alefbeyt. The A, being incomprehensible alone must show itself in its container B, and the B written fully = BYTh which translates as 'house', 'container'.
BYTh = the archetype of containing. Its value = 2. All the characters using 2 [ B=2, K=20, R=200] denote containment at the archetypal 2, existential 20 and cosmic 200 levels.
BRAShYTh = 913 . 9 = months of gestation, 13 = months in lunar year
913 = 11x83

Within the first verse lies the a 'concealed' bible-code. Using the alphabet letters for the Hebrew characters a joke or a pun emerges.

Genesis Ch.1,v.i -
BRAShYTh BRA ALHYM ATh HShMYM VATh HARTz [ Verse = 2701 = 37x73 Mirror primes]
"In beginning created gods [ATh-untranslated] the heavens and [ATh-untranslated] the earth"

The verse uses 11 of the 22 Hebrew characters. In alefbetical order -

A B H V Y L M Tz R Sh Th

Thus 11 left over which may be placed , in order, against those used in the verse -

G D Z Ch T K N S O Ph Q

So rewriting Ch.1,v.i -


The word BRA , translated as 'created' transforms into DOG, which in Hebrew does not constitute a word, and if it were it would not necessarily be pronounced as english 'dog'. The use of 'O' for the Hebrew character ' A'ayin' is because its possibly the closest sound and position in the alphabet of all other letters.

If one can 'translate' the bible using the English alphabet then it implies the bible's work is 'not over' and as such not a collection of events in the past , or predicting some golden future days, but works in the present.

The obvious DOG = GOD joke , even though its ALHYM [Eloheem] that translates into 'God' in biblical translation.
It must be said that this verse may be interpreted as meaning :

'Berashyt created god[s]' when 'Berashyt' is considered as a formula, or code.

This seems an improvement over the unthinkable 'in the beginning'.

What about this DOG?

Firstly as an animal and the idea of God we can connect it to the 'Dog-Star' Sirius. The star proved important to the Egyptians

"Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius, namely the day it becomes visible just before sunrise after moving far enough away from the glare of the sun..... Sothis was identified with the great goddess Isis, who formed a part of a trinity with her husband Osiris and their son Horus, while the 70-day period symbolised the passing of Isis and Osiris through the duat (Egyptian underworld).[20]" Wiki - Sirius

The Dogon people of Mali coincidentally inculcate the Sirius system into their life. Its another coincidence that they happen to be called Dogon, which i doubt was derived from the english word 'dog'. Yet we have managed to name a star they are famously connected to for an animal.

The plant DOG-ROSE is a corruption of 'dag' for its thorns though 'dag' from a different root means 'dew'.

This from 'Mrs.Grieve's Herbal' [ it's at, worth a read]
?Two explanations have been put forward for the popular name of this wild rose. The first is founded on an ancient tradition that the root would cure a bite from a mad dog (Pliny affirming that men derived their knowledge of its powers from a dream); and the other and more probable theory that it was the Dag Rose - 'dag' being a dagger - because of its great thorns, and like the 'Dogwood' (originally Dagwood) became changed into 'Dog' by people who did not understand the allusion."

In Hebrew DGDGN = 'clitoris', and perhaps here a connexion forms between the aroused female's vagina and dew. Maybe the 'dog-days' signified an auspicious time for sex.

DGDG means ' to tickle' and the connexion between tickling fish and the clitoris leads one to wonder about sex, fish, tickling, dew and fish-tailed deities and a link to the Vesica Piscis

'To daggle' means 'to moisten'. Both it and the word 'dew' are cognate with Icelandic word for 'dew' = dogg

With the Czech word for 'dew' being 'ros' and the connexion to 'dew' via 'dog or dag-rose' the symbology of the Rose/ Ros and Cross of Ros-I-Crucians has added meaning.

A DOGRIB is a member of the Dene people of NW Canada . Dogrib is a translation of the Cree word 'atimospikay', from the legend that the people's common ancestor was a dog.


While DOG does not have a Hebrew word DG does - 'fish'. Well, doggone it!, those pesky Dogon people worship Nommo , an entity that spent its time in water thus giving it a fishy appearance.
[Pes = 'dog' in Czech, thus 'pesky']

Another fishy entity worshipped fitfully was Dagon, whose temple Samson destroyed by whipping out the twin pillars.

If 'fishy' deities corresponded to Sirius then perhaps Samson , which means 'sun', symbolises a move from Sirius worship to Sun worship, at least for the masses.
The word 'solar' acc. to WWSkeats derives from the Greek word for Sirius.

A fish consumed Osiris' phallus after he is rent into 14 pieces by Set. Isis fashions a new one. Game , Set...... and Match!


DOG = 4+70+3 = 77 , a veritable symbolic number. Other Hebrew words that = 77 -

OZ - strength; goat
MGDL - tower

Jesus got it together with a Miss Miriam Towers.

"...occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile and the summer solstice,[19] after a 70-day absence from the skies."

And the middle character of DOG has the enumeration 70, leaving the DG to symbolise the fish. After 70 days the fish 'returned', possibly, because of the returning inundation

BRA = 2+200+1 = 203

BRA+DOG = 280.
When a number is multiplied by 10 then it comes into 'existence' , as 10 = the projection of 1 into time/space , symbolised in Tarot by the Hermit [ old father time] bearing Alef-1 in his lantern. The Hermit's Hebrew letter = 'yod' - 10

Thus the 28 characters of the 1st verse , and what they represent come into existence.

280 = SNDLPhVN, Sandalphon, Archangel of Malkuth, which is the 10th Sephira , the last on the Tree of Life, and I assume , perhaps wrongly, where we live.

The distance to Sirius is measured at 8.6 light years from earth. The enumeration for ALHYM [ Gods] , the 3rd word = 1+30+5+10+40 = 86.

How many steps in 8.6 light years?

In the 'concealed ' verse 2 'DOG's , so tentatively a reference to the binary star-system Sirius. Moving to the original verse the 3rd word gives the two numbers we now use for the distance to Sirius in light years.

A few other words transform usefully via this codex.

YShRAL - Israel = 10+300+200+1+30 = 541

Converting YShRAL gives TPhOGK which = 182 , which is an enumeration that spells out YOQB - Jacob , who was blessed with the name Israel after struggling with an entity until dawn.

Somehow written into this code is one of the most important events in the Old Testament and it can be written : 541 = 182
Added to that - 541 x 2 = 1082

YOQB though does not transform into 541.

Not content with that the codex then reveals something about Jesus or YHShVH which = 326

It transforms into TZPhChZ = 111 which enumerates ALPh, the 1st character, the character concealed within B, the 1st character of the Torah .

YHShVH has ALPh concealed within while YShRAL conceals YOQB.

Speaking of concealing, adding 326 + 111 = 437 which makes AMVN SPhR.

Amun was the supreme God of the Egyptians who created the world by spitting his sperm onto a pile of earth. or perhaps his own excrement. doubtless why he remained concealed.

So AMVN SPhR = Concealed Book [ Sepher = Book in Hebrew]

AMVN in Hebrew means 'faith' among other words so we may also get 'Book of Faith' which the Torah and Bible both are.

437 = 19 x 23 [ Consecutive Prime numbers]
19 = ChVH - Eve , who is 'mother of all living'
23 = ChYH - Live, exist; animal

Whip off the 2 'Ch' and you're left with YHVH

So YHShVH = ALPh, what does ALPh conceal?

ALPh = GKSh = 323.
111+323 = 434 which = DLTh, the 4th character of the Alefbet. DLTh is the resistance to Alef that creates the dynamic for life. DLTh = ALPhs resistance to itself as it projects itself into existence symbolised by YVD - yod 10.

DLTh means 'door, gate , hatch'

Dalet as resistance to Alef is admirably summed up by its meaning 'hatch' with the idea of an egg's resistance [ not too soft or too hard] allowing the chick to emerge. [ The Fool/Alef and the Tower/Dalet]

Perhaps Yehoshuah, container of Alef, acted as a 'hatch' for Alef to project through. Probably why his skin had to be punctured by nails to let the light out. He then spent 3 days in a tomb mimicking Jonah's 3 days in the whale and Jesus mentioned Jonah to the Pharisees should they wish for a sign.

The Hatch from LOST

BRAShYTh = DOGPhTQ = 913 - 266

'Darkness' ChShK VPhL 328 + 116 = 444
'Light AVR GChO 207 + 81 = 288 '
'Day' YVM TChM 56 + 57 = 113
'Night LYLH KTKZ 75 + 56 = 131

666 + 310 = 976

976 = 2 x 488 which = PhThCh - an 'opening', 'door, 'entrance' or 'to turn on'. It may be noted that the Egyptian deity P'tah could be from where this word derives.
At some juncture P'tah became the Creator God , he was a potter and practiced other 'stone-based crafts' , and pots require openings as humans do to breathe. God breathes into Adam's nostrils to animate it/him, making Adam from the Earth which here means clay.

'You know the day divides the night , the night divides the day
Tried to run, tried to hide
Break on through to the other side'

The DOORS !!

The words for 'day' and 'night' have some numerical symmetry.

These 4 words appear in Genesis when God called the Darkness Night and the Light , Day which just goes to show u can't believe all that wacky crap about it =ing Satan or some sick sixty-six man, or freaking barcodes, even though I do recognise that those inclined may 'charge' any symbol they fancy, esp. via our surrounding media, and remould it to fit their unwholesome agendi.

From SYNERGETICS 1230.31 [ by R.Buckminster-Fuller]
"The function of the Grand Vizier to the ruler was that of mathematical wizard, the wiz of wiz-dom; and the wiz-ard kept to himself the mathematical navigational ability to go to faraway strange places where he alone knew there existed physical resources different from any of those occurring 'at home', then voyaging to places that only the navigator-priest knew how to reach, he was able to bring back guaranteed strange objects that were exhibited by the ruler to his people as miracles producible only by the ruler who secretly and carefully guarded his vizier's miraculous power of wisdom.

1230.32 To guarantee their own security and advantage, the Mesopotamian mathematicians, who were the overland-and-overseas navigator-priests, deliberately hid their knowledge, their mathematical tools and operational principles such as the mathematical significance of 7 x 11 x 13 = 1,001 from both their rulers and the people. They used psychology as well as outright lies, combining the bad-luck myth of the three prime integers with the mysterious inclusiveness of the 'Thousand and One Nights'. The priests warned that bad luck would befall anyone caught using 7s, 11s, or 13s

1230.33 Some calculations could only be done by the abacus or by positioning numbers. With almost no one other than the high priests able to do any calculation , there was not much chance that anyone would discover that the product of 7, 11 and 13 is 1001, but 'just in case,' they developed the diverting myth of Scheherazade and her postponement of execution by her 'Thousand and One Nights'."

The 4 words maning 'darkness', 'light', 'day' and 'night' that add to 666 are all found in Genesis/Berashyt, Chapter 1, v.5. [ see table above]

I assume these 4 to be a minimum set of requirements for Universe, they allow one to 'see' . Isn't it coincidental that the 666 - Da Killa version - is found in Revelations.

The other number proffered for this 'evil' role = 616, which is HThVRH - The Torah.


The Freemason symbol of the Compass and Square with a G in the centre is well-known. The Hebrew alefbeyt seems to be the numero uno prima code system, esp. for Seekrut Societies.
Freemasonry seems to derive from the traditions of Ancient Egypt + the 3 Abrahamic religions + symbolic Masonry.

G in full is spelt GML and = 73.

There are 72 Names of God , which are known, thus it infers that the 73rd is the supra-unknown N of G.
GML then leads this investigation.

GML means 'camel' and this ties in with the idea that a camel can fit through the EYE of a needle far easier than a rich commodities trader or even a middle-income one , if such an abomination exists.

The Eye of the needle may allude to the Eye hovering over the pyramid.

A needle may double for a pillar.

Using the code GML = ANK.

ANK = 71 and means 'lead', 'plumbline' , 'perpendicular' , which prove somewhat important in

Masonry , building Pyramids etc etc.

ANK , via its English alphabet form , looks like the English word 'ANKH' for the ANKH CROSS as used by the Pharaonic Egyptian religion[s].
Ankh means 'life' and perhaps 'soul' too.

Also , using the code, G = A, and A , the first letter-sound would seems an apt symbol for 'God'.
Also G and A give Great Architect, a Mason name for their deity.

Other words enumerating 71 =

YVNH - Jonah; dove [ an ancient symbol of Israel]
ALYL - a demigod, idol, god
ALM - violent, thug; dumbness, silence.
One of the rules in Freemasonry is that one must keep silent about the society or violence may ensue.

Interesting extract from the Book of Amos.

"Thus he shewed me : and, behold, the Lord stood beside a wall made by a plumbline. with a plumbline in his hand."
AMOS Ch.7,v.7

It continues:

" And the LORD said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said , A plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more:.."
AMOS Ch.7 v.8&9

There is also the ANKI or Ennuki , which is used as a name of God, which also means 'vertical, perpendicular', and is used to mean 'I' in Exodus 23,v.20

'I' doubles for 'eye'

71+73 = 144 = QDM , the East.
QDM = 100+4+40 while ADM = 1+4+40 , so the East relates to the 1st human Adam
Also acc. to some 144,000 0r 144,000 from each tribe of Israel will enter heaven on , or just after, Judgement day, should the apocalyptic volcanoes etc., allow flights that day. Will the Rapture occur or will the Angels be grounded [ or perhaps, heavened] that day.

The FREEMASONRY lineage seems to dovetail with the decline of magico-scientific-religious philosophies. Numerology degraded spiritually into mathematics and the emergence of Descartes and Cartesian philosophy.

" By eliminating Giorgi and all that he stood for in Renaissance tradition , Mersenne banished the astral harmony, cutting off at the roots the connections of the psyche with the cosmos. This appeased the witch-hunters and made the world safe for Descartes, which was what Mersenne was nervously trying to do."
'The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age' - Frances Yates - Routledge & Kegan Paul 1979

Francesco Giorgi , a Franciscan friar from Venice, write 'De harmonia mundi' in 1525 and the 'Problemata' in 1536, both of which influenced renaissance hermetic thought.

Moving off topic slightly the Tracing board below has figures positioned the opposite way to John Locke in the series LOST who went through a variously-scened Masonic initiation

Webbed or netted globes

The hole in the ceiling = The Eye on the Temple

Using a few shots we see his initiation:

He descends a well, into darkness

Which closes

He makes a noose. Note the hole in the ceiling he has descended through

Prior to his suicide an adorant or assistant , Ben, the Son , persuades him against killing himself

Note the rolled-up trouser leg
The two pillars = The Door [ Dark] and window [light]
He points both ways

Ben, the son, on hearing the name, strangles him

In or Out?

The eye has a plumbline or perpendicular or ANK. Thus we have the 2 pillar-balls and in the middle the single eye with a perpendicular inferring the Eye over pyramid symbol.

The Island

The Island

John Locke then gets possessed by an entity that can take the form of Black Smoke

Freemasonry may have provided a front for those who wished to continue in occult studies that underlay Xtian Qabalism and Rosicrucianism.
The Elizabethan age and after reveled in secret codes, concealed messages , mathematical-spiritual geometries yet their influence in history are generally sidelined, left to those who are 'obsessed with numbers' to investigate.

Masonry had been around since the late 1300's. The 1st Grand Lodge , an amalgamation of 4 Lodges, was founded on June 24 , 1717 and named the Grand Lodge of England. Perhaps a 100 years earlier this public act might not have been so well received.

The 'plane from LOST that takes Oceanic 6 off the island - June being the 6th month

The Jews were expelled from England in 1290 and lasted until 1657 , a period of 367 years.
367 = AYShVN - a pupil of an eye. which as the centre of the Freemason eye which raises an oddling coincidence.

Had Jews stayed in England they would probably have had to convert to Xtianity. With the emergence of Freemasonry in the 1300's one wonders if those English Jews who did not want to leave converted and then began the Lodge system as a form of Guild within which initiates into the secrets of Freemasonry could have practiced a form of Judaism, or a 'new' pre-renaissence blending of religions, along the lines of Francis Bacon's 'A New Atlantis', yet begun 300 years earlier. Perhaps some went to Scotland and teamed up with Knights Templar ,who themselves had fought in the Crusades in Jerusalem and had absorbed aspects of Judaism and Islam, in breaks between the fighting.

The Temple of Solomon has symbolic value within Freemasonry while it's a Temple built by a Jewish king, though the actual architect Hiram Abif ,acc. to some sources, was not a Jew.


Melancolia I - A. Durer

Melancholy, the humour, had been considered the most unfortunate of the 4. Frances Yates , while discussing Durer's MELANCOLIA I, writes :
' There was a line of thought through which Saturn and the melancholy temperament might be 'revalued', raised from being the lowest of the four to become the highest, the humour of great men, great thinkers, prophets and religious seers.... melancholy was a sign of genius......This radical change in the attitude to melancholy has results in affecting a change in the direction of men's minds and attitudes."

" These Elizabethan noblemen and their learned friends are Saturnians, following the 'revalued' Saturn of the Renaissance in their devotion to deep scientific studies and lofty moral and religious aims."

" Set thy Christal, and Imperial throne...
[Girl in thy chaste , and never loosing zone]
gainst Europe's Sunne directly opposite
And give him darkness that doth threat thy light"
'Hymnus in Cynthiam' - George Chapman"

"The people who receive the fullest inspiration are the Hebrews. Giorgi equates the Law revealed to Moses , when he ascended to Binah, one of the highest of the Sephiroth, with the Justice of Saturn."

'The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age'.

Binah [ intellect] is the 3rd Sephiroth and Saturn is its planet

This 'revalueing' of Saturn also led to a 'revalueing' of the Jews and Jewish and Xtian Qabalism began to work together leading to the return of Jews to Britain in 1657.

Saturn in Hebrew is Shabatai = ShBThAY = 713.

Returning to GML 73 and its 'complement' by the code ANK 71 we see that ShBThAY 713 contains both 71 and 73.
Remember also that ANK means 'lead', 'plumbline' which is the metal corresponding to Saturn.
This number-text imagery relates to the Renaissance Qabalism that QabalisticXtians and Jews used in a philosophical war against the Vatican and Spanish League Catholicism , symbolised by the Sun.

Thus Elizabeth was symbolised by Saturn and the Moon , opposing the Vatican-Spanish Sun.
Elizabeth and her courtiers used Black and White clothes to symbolise their planetary allegiances.

The checker board pattern might also symbolise the Moon and Saturn.

Neither the Jews nor the Protestants had anything like the capacity for an all out land war in Europe leading the Dutch and English to set up their Shipping companies, and using far less resources to garner great riches via sailing. The use of numbers in the Maritime Arts and sciences was of great importance. John Dee, the Xtian Magus, contributed.

For other odd numerical coincidences try:
LIGHT-OF-TRUTH.COM which reveals a code in Shakespeare's Sonnets that , among other things, makes a connection to the 911 attacks [ The author did seem baffled aswell]
He also puts forward the idea that WilliamShakespeare/Francisbacon/WilliamTudor [ Elizabeth's son] were all the same person

Qabalism brought together certain Xtians and Jews in Britain and Amsterdam that began the vast Dutch-British Empire. Freemasonry and its influence grew quickly to initiate the United States of America.
The Spanish Jews had been expelled from Spain in 1492, the year the Catholics defeated the Moslems. Many Jews went to Amsterdam and Istanbul. The Amsterdam community were those who held the meetings with the British to allow Jews to return. It seems ironic that Jews did not suffer under Moslem states as they did in Catholic states while a section of the Jewish community now wants to take their land and make war on them with such ferocity.

William Blake cast a dim eye over the state of once great England -
" And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark, Satanic Mills"
The new Jerusalem of Elizabethan England / Brittania, and its raising of Saturn had now turned into the 'dark, Satanic Mills' of the godless Industrial Revolution, a money-pump that enslaved the people. Saturn had lost itself in its machinations and become Satan, the repetitive machine-life of those cast into a living hell,[ check out the Egyptian underworld with its divisions of 'labour'] the factory and military-industrial complex loomed on the horizon, darkness had become all-encompassing and magic turned inside out re-emerged with Lewis Carrol , Helena Blavatsky, The Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Hollywood, and the ever-elusive Illuminati. Now it had become something for the chattering classes , the Tarot threw off the Hebrew alefbet, ignoring their numerical value for the holy '0', the secret-not-so-secret societies that grew up seemed to be about performing rituals , free 'love' , often breaking up from group in-fighting. By the '60s they had entered 'the scene', right there for the LSD-in.
The 'good' Qabalistic Xtianity that was guided by Jesus , applied itself to study and invention, science and observation of universe, had devolved.

Technology evolved ever greater powers for those with the power and for those who would possess and be possessed, and there would be many who would want both.


Christopher Marlowe wrote " Doctor Faustus" attacking Agrippa , who was clearly Faustus, and all forms of Qabalistic conjuring however much the 'magicians' clothed it in Xtianity. He also write 'The Jew of Malta' which attacked the Jews and so one suspects that Faustus , the Xtian Qabalist and the Jew of Malta were connected in Marlowe's eyes.
Perhaps people imagined that the Magicians and the Jews could create Gold. Though they did transform matter at the Trinity site on July 16th, 1945 not long before the Dog Days which tend to start [ in the Northern hemisphere] around July 24. The bomb went off at 5.29.45 am , that's about dew time.

" The dew electrifies my skin!'
" T'aint dew Bobby, that's fallout"
"Now I am become death......"


Eugene said...

Tsarion notes in Vol. II of "Irish Origins of Civilization" that Lucifer means "fish".

As coinkydink usually does, the same day I read this, this article came out.

Sharks, being the eye of the pyramid in their food chain, can become invisible by hiding in the shadow of their own bio-luminescence.

Catholic "Luvain".

Quote - "Similar to how lipstick makes a woman's lips stand out more, the shark's light may also turn on members of the opposite sex."

Cleopatra was a lipstick initiate.
From diaspora of Atlantis to Egypt to Rome and back to the White Isles. Constantine was a Brit.

Hidden in the light, by the light, for the light.

"Down by the seaside. See the boats go sailin'

Can the people hear, What the little fish are sayin'"

No friends, the people cannot hear what the fish are saying.

The ALPH forged by little ALPH getting past its BYT would be the fish, the ocean, the fish yet bigger all the way to the top.

Oannes waving hello and introducing letters, concepts, farming, etc. to the idiot dwellers on the shore has sure served a sharkian purpose.

Letters and laws that are external are the shadows of letters and laws written on the heart.

gregasola said...

"If 'fishy' deities corresponded to Sirius then perhaps Samson , which means 'sun', symbolises a move from Sirius worship to Sun worship..."

Funny old world. My last name is Sams and I wrote the only book in print that explores the Sun, in a modern context, as a living being with deity status. Yet I discovered through your blog that Samson means Sun.

Gregory Sams, author of "Sun of gOd"

Alex Robinson said...

Your reference to il pisca-papa reminds me of a fish'n'chip shop here called 'the Codfather'.

It's interesting that the leaven Apollo moon trip should ejaculate on the same jewel-eye date as the Trinity e-mission. I see also that it was the day that Czar Nicholas & family were 'blasted' away.

Nicholas & Saturn I believe, have 'connections'.
This certainly has:-
"Saturn Films is a film production company owned by actor Nicolas Cage."
For my own interest I found that Cage once owned a Bavarian castle (2006-2009) - his maternal side hails from there apparently.

Dog roses instantly take me back to Rupert the Bear - don't remember the story but the name dog rose stuck.


aferrismoon said...

Hi Eugene

GreatShark article. The similarity with the All - Seeing , or All- Consuming Eye Seems valid.

Maybe David Icke saw sharks not reptiles.

The Fish are saying ' Please don't put so much oil in the ocean'

Oddly , with this code, Sh = Ph , sp PhSh

LIpstick from whales. The shark monarchy enjoys smearing extract of whale on their lips. Whales, Dolphins and Humans are closely related.


Hi Greg
ShMSh - Shamash seems to mean the 'sun' in a name as ChMSh - Hhamash seems the word used for the Orb

Samson is written ShMShVN, so it does seem like the name 'Sams' is Samson with ON lopped off.
Will check out your site


Hi Alex

I don't think the Trinity-Moon blast off are coincidental at all. JSDownard in 'KingKill 33' wrote that the Moon landing could only happen after the Killing of the King [ JFK] which could only happen after the Trinity bomb - destruction of matter.

Great one on NicK Kage , Himmelr also owned a Bavarian castle.


Anonymous said...

"one wonders if those English Jews who did not want to leave converted and then began the Lodge system as a form of Guild within which initiates into the secrets of Freemasonry could have practiced a form of Judaism, or a 'new' pre-renaissence blending of religions." Interesting idea.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

It does seem the Freemasons started in Scotland, and there doesn't seem to have been an expulsion of Jews from there, the top 'Scots' seem to be french , perhaps a different relationship existed betewwn Jewish and Scottish 'nobility'.

Scots and Jews are notoriously 'good wi' shekels'. To quote Rabbi Burns [Jerry sadowitz]:

'Wee slickit £20 pound note
Y'il ne'er trick me fi' a fiver'

Scots Rite Jews Left [England].

Imagining that the Jews may have more to do, for longer, in British history might give a different view of how certain things came about - like the Union, the Split from Rome, The constant attacks on Irish [ friend with Spain Catholics


Donny said...

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aferrismoon said...

Donny . I rarely tell the truth