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While the Poppy harvest comes but once a year the human harvest season proves far more convenient. Not only is it all-year round its also 24 hours a day.

If not dodging bullets or errant pieces of bone splinter flying hi-speed post bomb blast one may continue indoctrination with:
TV programming like PACIFIC - Camaraderie training
AVATAR - I'm fighting for the 'truth and the way'
INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - psychopathic vengeance
BOURNE ULTIMATUM - I'm mind-controlled, honey, jus' caint help maaaself!!
MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS - war, wow, it's kooky!

TV serials and News programmes can fill in any remaining minutes for your own carefully devised SELF-INDOCTRINATION Programming.

U R the SOLDIER , the ENEMY = anybody else.
But ,hey! I hear you cry, everyone else is the enemy?
Yes Pre-soldier, in this war U can trust NO-ONE. Your mission- To make the world a better place.
Yes Sir Thank you Sir. Sir!
Good , Now let us prey.

The Sweetheart of the Horn

" If I said I love you would that sound corny?]

A daily human harvest , continual slaughter, sometimes a few, sometimes many, natural and human-made disasters and tragedies. The harvest provides the storyline-parable for our electronic story-teller MEDIA.

Corn = Horn. Horns radiate outwardly from CROwNs.

"When you've bled till you're bone it crops out in your flesh"
Joyce, 'Finnegans Wake'

Cereal Boxes = TV Sets

Children get it in cartoon-insinuation rather than the more adult-oriented graphic real-sim, but children are lobbying for equal status in this area,

"Cereal boxes are designed to hold young ones in thrall as they progress through the normal transitory stages of orality and anality. The symbol of consumption - the open mouth - is found on nearly every box. More subliminally , symbols of the act of excretion on such products as Cookie Crisps, Corn Pops, and the aptly named Cocoa Pebbles. Cookie Crisp gives us a lip0smacking bandit with a tongue sticking out of a stretching mouth, Cocoa Pebbles is even less subtle. Barney and Fred are placed on opposite sides of a large bowl containing the chocolate cocoa pebbles. The first perversion comes with the concept of Barney and Fred engaging in a menage-a-trois in oral consumption of Pebbles [ the name of Fred's daughter]. The clincher is in the giant cereal bowl before them with a hole bored out in the center with the aid of Barney's "drill". From that sphincterish hole, large brown blobs are shitted out.

Exclusivity, which has played a big part in status advertising for the last 70 years, has only just recently been applied to the children's marketplace. Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all offer a "limited edition" box with a hologram on the front. This may be the most dangerous form of advertising of all, since it foments such anti-social and competitive values as wealth and status. The collision of children's games with consumerist doctrine CARRIES THE DEVELOPING MIND FURTHER AFIELD FROM THE CHILDHOOD DREAMSTATE, so necessary to the formation of a whole and healthy personality. " [ emphasis mine]

'The Cereal Box Conspiracy Against the Developing Mind' - Michelle Handelman & Monte Cazzana

Kool-Aid I think was used to take the poison in the Jonestown Massacre

A pink dinosaur friskily appears from inside a pink cake showering the family.

Pebbles after whom the cereal is named sits on the bottom right. Not only is she the food, she has also been rebranded a CUPCAKE , again associating her with food. She's delicious!

"Just add kids"

"Look for Dino's tails on bottom flap, fnaar, fnaar!

"The cover of Corn Pops, formerly Sugar Pops, also boast the prevalent hole with flying feces, with the O in Pops jettisoning large yellow-brown blobs to all corners of the box. The predominant color of Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Pebbles is brown, while Corn Pops accompanies brown with urine-yellow stains"
[Cereal Box Conspiracy]

The Childhood dreamstate.

XBOX 360 = Squaring the Circle
The Square with a Circle in it, might be a camera obscura.

If children have eaten flakes and puffs from subliminally-influencing cereal boxes then it may mean that some have made into the media world where their previously programmed anal fixation may be put to good use - see Celtic Rebel's extensive investigations into the 'analisation' of the West [ among other observations] and the XBOX.

The cereal box = the TV screen, cinema, bathroom mirror and leads along the desperate road of Me!Dear culture - where the 'group individual' reigns. Lifestyle is box-fed, the SQUARE being the main exterior meeting places in most towns and cities.

Marshall McCluhan writes in 'The Medium is the Massage' -

" It was the funeral of President Kennedy that most strongly proved the power of television to invest an occasion with the character of corporate participation. It involves the entire population in a ritual process. [ By comparison , press, movies [ in the early 1960s - ed] and radio are mere packaging devices for consumers.] In television images are projected at you. You are the screen. The images wrap around you. You are the vanishing point. This creates a sort of inwardness, a sort of reverse perspective which has much in common with Oriental art."

Dealey Plaza Wholegrain Pops - The perfect way to traumatise your morning.
Collect all the Magic bullets!

Magic bullet theory really lay the occult out in plain sight.

"This wastohavebeen underground heaven, or mole's
paradise which was probably also an inversion of a phallopharos,
intended to foster wheat crops and to ginger up tourist trade"
Finnegans Wake

From Downard's KINGKILL33
The fertility and death symbolism in the "Killing of the King" rite which is part of Greening Ritualism that has to do with JFK, has been suppressed because examination of it must necessarily link it to "Freemasonry" and its mysticism, as well as to the political influence it exerts. Obviously this would do some damage to public confidence in:
a. Masonic progressivism. i.e. Iiberty, equality, fraternity.
b. Those who have shielded the conspirators.
c. The entire mental concept that passes for knowledge about the genuine nature of the government of the United States.

The rise in consciousness of a small number of grains to almost world-around 'worship'. Cereal from CERES - the Roman version of the Greek DEMETER - indicates the influence of croppy deities.
"Ceres made up a trinity with Liber and Libera, who were two other agricultural gods." Liber from whence comes the word 'liberty' - freedom tied to the land.
Liber also means 'pound' as in UK money and weight.

1 way of looking at the 'expulsion' from the Garden of Eden has been to see it as a move from gatherer-hunting to an agricultural lifestyle, with its 'toil' in the fields etc.

Agriculture turned integrated, mobile, geodesic societies into the pyramidical hierarchy we acknowledge today. Women get turned into chattel and baby-makers while men are transformed into war-food .

"Life, he himself
said once, (his biografiend, in fact, kills him verysoon, if yet not,
after) is a wake, livit or krikit, and on the bunk of our bread-
winning lies the cropse of our seedfather, a phrase which the
establisher of the world by law might pretinately write across
the chestfront of all manorwombanborn."
Finnegans wake

Parent religions abound. The Cultivators static-ritualised magick tried predicting the future , appeased the spirits, angels, gods and monarchs, to receive the great blessing of continuity of existence [ for our tribe]. We must be the same for ever - exterminate!!
Today much of humanity has become lost in termite-town, armoured, an ossifying branch of the Tree of Life that now stands alone in a sea of corn, waving mindlessly like the masses at a sports or pop eVent.

Induction into cereal society starts early - at Break-Fast . Emerging from the centre of the table a mini-Manhatten , tower-blocks, the bricks of the old grain silo, the pyramid, a small innocent hand reaches out and touches - THE CEREAL BOX.

The boxes come in SERIES - a product of the installment effect of agri-culture

Stygian Port , Violator of thought , muses on MILK's role in Murder Inc. in his videolet DEATH & DAIRY

Agriculture's side effect = stability leading to increased population which requires more food as it grows thus leading to it 'merging' or taking-over' a neighbour. Then, like the now lack of diversity in our diet compared with gatherer-hunters, socialistaion becomes monocultural - the anthill or the beehive [ and you'd better beehive].
War reduces the population which either recovers , gets assimilated or dies out. Nomad lifestyles are illegalised by the fact of land ownership.
Tresspass - Transpassere - to go across.
Travel becomes explorative leading to conquest and colonisation.

Dear Lord , Forgive those who trespass against us - the cultivated take on what some imagined Landlord of Universe desires. Does the Lord do the repairs?

The 3 Abrahamic religions seemed to have attempted to turn against this dehumanisation process.
Joseph showed how easy it was to become wealthy from agriculture yet with the Hebrew nation doing very well they finally left the stagnant Egypt. The story goes they escaped Egypt but it is , like Eden, a new birth. Nevertheless the all-pervasive predictability of agro-culture has influenced all 3 , and most believe they will be finally harvested' by God and taken to the Elysian fields and live an idyllic life on some heavenly farm - all hail.
The Israelites finally gave up the struggle and asked Samuel if they couldn't just be a nation with a king like everybody else. Yahweh noted they loved 'him' no more.

Our yearly celebrations seem to have more to do with food rather than any intelligent-deity.
Often the cereal-box promotes the rising sun , Kellogg's famous Cockerel crows at dawn, reminding us of Peter's 3 denials before Sun-King scarifice Jesus took to the cross.

Corn is apparently packed with sunlight.
Most cereal boxes are attached to some sort of whacko, cartoony-type character.

From Ray's comment in previous post:
"After examinations of archaeological remains in the initiation temple, the ethnomycologist R. Gordon Wasson has stated that the mysteries were of a psychedelic nature induced by the ergot that grew on cereal crops. According to Wasson, participants in the mysteries consumed a drink that contained barley water, mint and ergot and were immediately transported into a spirit world. What was witnessed there he notes “was no play by actors, but phasmata, ghostly apparitions, in particular the spirit of Persephone herself” (ibid.). Drury notes that Wasson’s view is supported by Albert Hoffmann, who first synthetised LSD from ergot in 1938.

...thus psychedelics werent a revolutionary measure, as sold, but the opposite, a regressive measure to prevent true revolution and authentic consciousness-raising

mass use of l.s.d. in the sixties was principally not an individually psychedelic phenomenon, as assumed, but rather an occulted mass experience of paleolithic and neolithic blood/fertility rites, dressed up in hipster drag to fool the kiddies into communal participation in murder ... in bloodmagickal assassinations of the best of their own generation"

Perhaps today;s more 'anal-oriented' culture , or the mass-marketing of it, owes much to the idea of 'consumers' , or 'productholes' . The mouth-hole finds it complement in the shit-hole. Consumerism arose out of the agricultural era, which modifies itself each generation yet continually underscores reality & social behaviour with the act of taking-in, assimilating & then voiding the remaining waste [ in humans - unemployment or genocide] Human choices for waste disposal often appear as 'holes' generally leading underground - toilet, bin , drain, landfill, underwater, grave.
As a generalisation the waste 'goes to hell' where 'the devil' tortures society's 'waste' with it.

Perhaps 'hell' developed from the Egyptian TUAT which as a long tunnel symbolises the mouth consuming the sun [ Stargate 1] in the evening which goes through various stages , akin to digestion, to emerge from the anus-sphinxter [Stargate 2], carried by KhepRa, a DUNG beetle, in the morning.

Let us not forget the beginning of creation by Amun who masturbates on a mound of dirt , perhaps his own fecal matter since nothing else existed but Amun his hand , cock and holy Anoos.
Wait up, didn't the Holy Concealed Architect of the Universe not take the milky sperm into his mouth and then spat it onto the dungheap floating odouressly in space. These rituals have to be performed exactly or it upsets the balance of reality.

What grew out of the shit, well the heavens and the earth, under the guise of Amun's children , that;s what, Acc. to the Egyptian we live in an ever-expanding ball of Supreme Being droppings.

And behold Cocoa Pebbles! MIlk and Chocolate symbolise those first precious minutes. Wonder what stimulated old Amun into action.

On all the US cereal boxes the abbreviation for 'ounce' - OZ - appears which , related to the JFK assassination = OSWALD , the 'shooter' and/or 'patsy'.

"Oswald means "divine strength." The diminutive form of the word is "os" or "Oz": denoting strength. The role which "Divine Strength" played in the Dealey "Goddess Rule" Killing of the King ritual should be given careful consideration."
OZ in Hebrew also means ' a goat' and Lee Harvey became a 'scapegoat' when shot by Ruby

Magic man pops his head through a star. He symbolises the dung-beetle with breakfast cereal the morning meal. He points his magick wand at a levitating sphincter. All the while , beneath the sea, an uhhhtomic powered sub lies concealed. When will it come up for air?

'Some white sticky stuff with your cereal?'
'What is it?'
'It's a top secret , so don't tell anyone about it'

Spiderman's squirts with the trademark 'horned fingers' of many a celebrity and/or politician

"Is that a gun?"
" I told you already, its a seeecret. Now, TRANSFORM!"

Transforms ordinary milk into........

" Is it a tractor beam?"
" Yes but not as you know it Jimmy"

The logo in the background is the torso of the man, the two prongs = 2 legs. Thus the Starshit Enterguys fuselage = an engineering marvel.
"Beam me up Scotty I control yer body"
Cheers to Alex in comments

"Magic Max
According to the Manischewitz website, Magic Max is "a whimsical character that makes kosher learning fun and simple. Whether it's preparing a holiday meal, or a unique way to learn the alef-bet, Max is all about smiles and having fun.

Magic Max, who first appeared in 2006, makes public appearance for Manischewitz, although it's widely suspected that often times it's not Magic Max who shows up but a person in a Magic Max Costume."

Magic and the Alef-beyt - I didn't think Jews could study Qabalah 'til they were 40.

Phallic gesturing , with honey. Also its shaped somewhat like a beehive thus involving wierdling masonica

The Hexagram on the right helps symbol assimilation.

Speaking of word-play this snippet , without a box-pic, talks about a cereal-box character called CORNelius -

"Cornelius Sugarcoat
A contest on the back of Sugar Coated Corn Flakes boxes to give this character a middle name offered some interesting insight into his persona:

"I was born near here (picture of a farm). Mother named me Cornelius 'G' Sugarcoat, 'G' for Great. Daddy named me Cornelius 'N' Sugarcoat, 'N' for Not Bad. In school, they called me Cornelius 'U' Sugarcoat, 'U' for Uncommonly Good.

Now that I'm on TV, they call me Cornelius 'M' Sugarcoat, 'M' for Mmmm. Now, What's your idea?"

Cornelius gets a lot of delicious attention from his male role and career models.

"Wow Cinders , that sure is a purdy dress", oozed Snow White clutching a symbolic pink rose
Cinders gave a coy giggle.

Bees and Black Magic - Masonica

Sun King Worship - could be Camelot


"I'll wait for you by the rock"
" Roger that, just getting my gun out"
Solar Cereal + Alien = Crop Circles
Child lead to believe in aliens who are more advanced than humans with their puny technology.

Practice the Pac-man hand movement every morning. Also the C in the name consumes a hypheny thing


The Hulk fists a cereal bowl, white stuff and bits explode from it

On the left the sun shines through a hole in the brown wall - perhaps the IRA escaping from H-Block after the Dirty protest - the Hulk is green like Catholic Ireland

COLLECT THEM ALL , I command thee!
With gifts like these who needs enemies?

Aaah , noseless girls with giant eyes , on the search for that which 'fizzes in the mouth'
Note the 'I' of 'GIRLS' is actually lying beneath the weight of the Vagina. She wears the Red horned hair of the Whore of BabyLotion

The boy gets dragged along by two junior feminists.
Down below the Captain remarks ' Its right under the submarine'.
The binoculars look as if they have red lenses, all the better to see the Whore of Babylon with.

Sperm whale, dutifully white like Moby Dick.
"Oooaaar Cap'n! Thar she blows!"

An anchor prong sticks out from the middle of the bowl. It twins with the whale ejaculata in the background, which the Captain eyes knowingly.
The whale wears lipstick made from whales

Proof of the Masonic conspiracy to kill Kennedy and then fly to the moon, all in one tesselate cereal.
Matt - he's a major Mason

Unworthy Craftsman + Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz , melded together to form 4SQUARECROW

"Minutes after John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered three "hoboes" ("unworthy craftsmen") were arrested at the railyard behind Dealey Plaza.
No records of their identities have ever been revealed nor the "identity" of the arresting officer. All that remains of those few minutes are a series of photographs which have reached legendary proportions among persons concerned with uncovering the real forces and persons behind the assassination."

I have stated that the three hoboes arrested at the time of the assassination in Dallas are at least as important symbolically as operationally and that they comprise the "Three Unworthy Craftsmen" of Masonry. This symbolism is at once a telling psychological blow against the victim and his comrades, a sign of frustrated inquiry-- the supposedly senseless nature of any quest into the authentic nature of the murderers--and a mirror or doppelganger of the three assassins who execute the actual murder.
As for the three assassins themselves:
Perry Raymond Russo told a New Orleans grand jury that [CIA agent David] Ferrie said [regarding the assassination of JFK] that "there would have to be a minimum of three people involved. Two of the persons would shoot diversionary shots and the third ... shot the good shot." Ferrie said that one of the three would have to be the "scapegoat." He also said that Ferrie discoursed on the availability of exit, saying that the sacrificed man would give the other two time to escape. (Quoted by W.H. Bowart in Operation Mind Control)." [ KingKill33]

The other two..... so if Jackie blew JFKs brain out and Oswald got taken out by Ruby , who does that leave?

Here's the same Squarecrow who is now a secret agent. CIA man E. Howard Hunt is sometimes cited as being one of the 3 hoboes.

Corn Kix to Kill!!

Acceptance into the craft requires Masons choosing their candidate by either choosing a black or a white ball. Blackballed means failure.
Note the eagle has a tick [with grain symbol] to symbolise acceptance into the Royal Craft Lodge , COMBOS which perhaps accepts both Blacks and Whites in the same lodge.

In keeping with anal we get the shit and sperm which , as a ritual, Crowley took an interest in. Something to do with the anus being hermetically sealed, an organic retort perhaps. Probably relates back to Amun ensconced in his singularity, aaaah oneness!

Rescue Lab Rat .... from his MK Ultra handlers.
Remember kids, if u get kidnapped u can make believe GIJOE will rescue you.

Grim ReaperO's - Corn shaped skulls that turn the milk red!

Red - such a special colour

Berries rhymes with cherries and buries

'Wanna a little concert candy? I like gummies.'

"Hey , what a crazy family"
"They're still together!"

'Finding Nemo' - nefarious Masonic journey to find No man
The Vagina-Fish 'O' and the evil shark may lead to Dagon worship or perhaps the Nommo of the Dagons

Note the little girls sleeping bag, its Snow White. She sleeps with a woman, not of her family.
Wake up in Disney Park - a call to Luciferian enlightenment while tripping on all the sugar eaten for breakfast , surrounded by giant-headed fantasy creatures. Also standing in queues for ages , shuffling along, perhaps weakens the body for suggestion.

Winnie the Shit aka Pooh , triple X Cereal storer. Fits conveniently in schoolbags.

A bear smiling. I assume because one inserts the uhhh...cereal into the ummm.... bottom?

My he does have an impressive pink chest.

Cousin Itt - a shit in a coffin , doubtless the imaginative could find a host of uses for turd-come-vibrator flashlight. Used at night under the covers reading about the exploits of Miley Cyrus and her performing poodles.

Somethings definitely amiss when the batteries are included!


algiz said...

When pointed out things become obvious. Remember when you couldn't see these things? I still don't see them most of the time and I was in a second grade classroom when Kennedy was killed. I look for the clues now everywhere but I also must cling unconsciously to a simpler time when so called authorities had one's best interests at heart,not, and not knowing the yellow brick road was fool's gold. It's only been six short years since I started seeing things differently but in retrospect I see it going a lot farther back when I was a costumed minion of the matrix/construct albeit with a splinter in my mind. Posts like this one keep adding splinters and it is that discomfort that assures me that I'm still alive. Keep 'em coming.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Algiz - The Conspiracy Box Conspiracy article inspired me , and thankfully there are websites who avidly collect ceral box pics.

I was born 7 months after so it didn't really enter my consciousness until teens.

There did seem to be simpler times, today appears perversely cluttered with the superficial.

The splinters are a great analogy for requiring a little discomfort to stay 'awake'.

I think in some spy film , Harry Palmer [ Ipcress File maybe] the spy used a splinter in his hand to stop himself getting hypnotised.


Alex Robinson said...

Aferrismoon this is gold dust, simply brilliant - I'm only about half way thro' but have to take a break - it's so packed full of truth viatmins that I'm in danger of overdosing!

One 'serial' packet that really jumped out was the Star Trek one - the upturned rocket shape at the back transforms into a mans trunk while the Enterprises rocket thruster or whatever it is, is totally phallic & the all those 'things' in the bowl just look like a bunch of 'dick heads' & 'a holes' - apologies for crassness!

Sterling stuff

Alex Robinson said...

At the risk of appearing as a cereal commenter...

I must admit I had never given a great deal of thought to this subject & my son has never been into cereals so have had no cause to notice - but once pointed out, how can you miss them!

The Kelloggs K has the appearance of giving a bellamy or dare one say Nazi, salute.

I checked out my supermarket while instore earlier & found Honey BUMbles & Big Bugs in Mud - yum yum!

The mixing of moloch into these overly sugared & highly symbolised foods is bigly suspect IMHO

In the food guide 'pyramid', cereals get the biggest tick.

Have been doing cerealous research myself of late so this was xtra interesting :)


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Alex

I was inspired by the Cereal Box Conspiracy and their fitting description of the Cocoa Pebbles, so went to have a look at cereal boxes and they are a deep well indeed. I could've put up another 30.

No we rarely had cereal, though we often had porridge. I remember my brother loved Sugar Puffs but they made me queesy when I smelt them.

Also cereals come in a big box that takes up too much space in the shopping bags.

Good one on the startrek logo , I shall update it


Atareye said...
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Atareye said...

Awesome! THis is f@#king great. So far.

Will finish up later. Don't think this one is going to get soggy.

I heard years ago about a magazine for people that collect serial box tops. Gonna have to look into that one.

Brings up thoughts on Violators milk video. Needless to say after watching that one I don't encourage my kids to finish the milk in their cereal bowl.

We don't drink fluoridated water anymore, next up, a milk replacement of some sort.

Pax-ill Iron Moon

aferrismoon said...

THE TASTE OF MILK AND cereal , a bonding of sorts
we try to do our best by it and we will


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Jesus... This might take awhile.

Newspaceman said...

Great post Moon.

Your talk about agriculture got me thinking about the "hydroponics" industry - mainly for cannabis production.

At first there were few products and little advertising, now we see fertilizers promoted by allsorts, though normally big breasted ladies and fast cars. The inference being use this product, grow the biggest buds (like donkey's cocks), get the best birds, drive the best cars.

From potential freedom - to further slavery.


aferrismoon said...

Hi Shaman - 'Jesus ...this is going to take a while"
Sounds like the guys nailing Christ to the cross.

Hi News, here its legal to have 15g and grow an amount of plants and there are a few gro-shops here.

Soon there'll be grow your own opium + an Open University degree which if u pass gets u a job in afghanistan, improving the crop


Donny said...

Looking for truth telling books to buy? then check out my blog

The Celtic Rebel said...
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The Celtic Rebel said...

My god, it does look like Barney Rubble is holding up a friggin turd. And I don't know why, but those powerpuff girls always kind of creeped me out. Instinct rules over all. Lastly, I'm not even gonna say what the "flash/flesh" light looks like hence where a kid might, especially via other subliminal suggestions, be inclined to insert it...

A13 said...

Hi ferris,
Thanks for pointing this post out in your comments on the rantlounge..
I had no idea about cereal boxes..
i remember some trippy ones from when i was a kid in the 70's..with the little plastic toys inside.
Also the fred and barney weird box...yuk.
but it all makes so much sence..
I might spend some time today reading some of your past posts..
cheers mate.