Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the Cere[s]mon[e]y begin!


"Back in 1960, President Kennedy talked about the torch being passed to “a new generation.” Well, five decades later, the torch is being passed . . . to a new gender. There’s no doubt in my mind that we women will lift that torch. We will carry it. And we will light a new way forward."
Maria Shriver , co-equal-partner of Gov. Schwarzenegger

Ceremony - [L.] Caerimonia - religious worship; ritual observance. WWSkeats gives the root as 'karman' from Sanskrit.

Just before the African Football Championships began 3 people were killed [ by rebels], casting a pall .......

Vancouver's Olympic ceremony had a pall cast over it with the death, in practice, of a young Georgian man [ apparently on a luge course , made more difficult to advantage home athletes, who receive far more practice on tis fatal circuit]

" But the show MUST go ON ' ,
Lyrics - Queen.

The Summer Olympics began with the Georgian-Russian conflict.
08/08/08 [3x8=24] - In LEO
02/12/10 [2+12+10=24] - In AQUARIUS
Hebrew word KD [20+4] = Jug, Pitcher, Ewer. Tarotically the characters =
SUN - 11th card - Sun
TOWER - 4th card - Mars


Eugene said...

Is this so easily seen or what?
Made new Ustream post showing the field lit for new carnage.

little dynamo said...

what a castrated lump of human refuse ah-nulled is, hilarious that this coward was sold as some bold action he-man

he aint nuttin but the shriver's afterbirth

also re torch -- apparently the "fourth torch," awaited by the fourth lighter, a woman, failed to appear from stage-subterra, and thus the "fourth cauldron" of the opening-ceresmoany remained unlighted

yes, a man belonging to Georgia (woman's name) was sacrificed to open the Limpics, a luger

(= regul)

Regulus A, like Sirius, is a binary star

in Leo, so lions/lyons, regulus means lion-hearted, little king, or prince (port-au) -- twin lions, yr illustration

so, a type of royal hit... requsite part of the van cover

meet the new bossy, same as the old bossy

Cere[s]mon][e]y! love it, cheers


aferrismoon said...

The New Char[al] Age , noo ?ion about it

The simpering smile

because I'm here I'm here


Alex Robinson said...

From arnie-ther perspective

"the Luger, is an iconic, toggle locked, recoil operated, semi-automatic pistol. The design was patented by Georg J. Luger" - a Georgian Luger?


"it is notable for being the pistol for which the 9x19mm Parabellum (also known as the 9mm Luger) cartridge was developed... The name Parabellum is derived from the Latin: Si vis pacem, para bellum ("If you seek peace, prepare for war")... Although obsolete, the Luger is still sought after by collectors both for its sleek design, accuracy, and by its connection to Imperial and Nazi Germany"

aferrismoon said...

Eu - Hmm. Meant the new 'Charn[al] Age'

Ray - Regulus = regular , every 4 years. Anything goes until the festivals, and then we can relax and watch what we've been fighting for - the circus

read something about an Olympic 'fuckup'.

AlX - A georgian Luger, great. And I guess the Limpix = a war without blood.
Luger = Gruel , a soup of sorts


Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Despite the centuries-old Christianisation of the country of Georgia (heck, their heraldric crest is the equestrian St George slaying the dragon) of that land, formerly known as Colchis in ancient times, Georgians still regard with reverence as a folk hero, or, more accurately heroine, Medea, the witch & priestess of the chthonic goddess, Hecate, murderess of her children from Jason … the luger fatality was no accident, it was a sacrifice ~ (•8-0

aferrismoon said...

Christianity proves a fine veneer the world over, most 'modern' religions seem to.
Thanks for the info and pic.
He Kate , Me Tarzan


little dynamo said...

nice catch Alex, Georg J. Luger - Geogian luger - Terminator w/ libertas torch

he Wont Be Back

Anadae muy bueno

yeah 'colchis' is far more apt, names change but 'country' ways die hard

Vani is the major goddess-rite site in Georgia, so van/ban serpent-tribes, blood-on-ice at van-cover british columbia (no less) it dont get obviouser than that

col prefix = sorcery, illusion, artifice

murderess medea reports the luger's last words in the, uh, media:

"Dad, I'm scared",219592

luger's name Nodar - Radon, Ray don

related-- VAWA Joe Biden's motorcade was involved in a crash today at the Van Olys

last december Biden's motorcade killed a man in ... Temple Hills, Maryland (see my post ID SERPENT, also if interested most recent post involving Temple Terrace, Florida)

yo AF! cheers all, ray

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ray - yea , saw the news on Bi-Den crashin' agen.

"Can't go to Temple
Ain't got the time
Can't cross the tracks
Coz there's blood on the line"

Col prefix - Colgate , illusion of healthy teeth

Also COLonel Russel Williams


Devin said...

Thanks for this also aferrismoon- I find Mrs S-kS's comment fascinating in light of what you have been blogging about lately- great tie-in to the 8/8/8 Georgian-Russo conflict too with the "Lugers" death- very much enjoyed all the comments too- the "war without blood" bit gives me a very eerie feeling at this time -especially with all of the micro-biologists "suiciding" or disappearing themselves-
there seems to be a tie-in to this (bilogist) stuff at Loren Coleman's latest post - with the woman shooter (tee hee- you have indeed come a long way babY)
i think it was a commenter that mentioned that aspect and not Loren-bizarre story all the way round-especially if the 1986 information is about the same woman-all the best to you!!

Devin said...

aferrismoon- just realized that Christopher Knowles has also covered the Bishop story in great depth - sorry to leave a double comment so soon - just had to let you know that the "two" women from the 86 in Braintree Mass shooting and the Alabama shooting are one and the same -Mr Knowle's post about it highly recommended (and scary)
all the best!!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Devin - did catch CKs post.
Apparently the Amy.Bishop was working on a Nuerister, which involves doing something with neurons in the brain.
Just returned from Loren's blog



Eugene said...

Aceldama = 44
Luger was ranked = 44
Osamabama is = 44
The Great Twisty in the sky = 44

Cere-monies sacrifice is whirling around this thing = 44

Please read.

aferrismoon said...

From Crowley: 44 -

"Useful to me chiefly because i had never examined it and so acquiesced in it as accursed. When it was brought by a messenger whose words proved true ,I then understood it as an attack on the 4 by the 11.
"Without shedding of blood{DM - 44]there is no remission".

SoapFan said...

Nice post opening with Maria Shriver.

And as the games continue I wonder what the continued Kennedy connection is all about.

Released 02-16-2010 are three Kennedy news items:

New, never before publicly viewed film taken by a then 15 year old boy of Air Force One landing at "Love" Field in Dallas and The President and Mrs. Kennedy greeting guests that fateful day. (Owner contacted the Sixth Floor Museum with the find...that's at the Texas School Book Depository Building and a bit creepy for him to do, IMO.)

And second, "love" letters to a paramour of JFK's during his engagement to Jackie.

Also this week, Patrick Kennedy, son of recently deceased Teddy Kennedy (JFK's baby brother) ending politics for himself and effectively the entire Kennedy dynasty.

That's a lot of Kennedy news during the Vancouver Games!


aferrismoon said...

Merci bien Monsieur Le Soap

I guess they have no completely passed the Torch, esp. with TedKennedy's Senate seat going to the man with available daughters.

great links


Newspaceman said...

Nice blue orange pic here -


Newspaceman said...

Hiya afm, any thoughts on the number 55725, factorises as 75 x 743. Maybe something to do with Saturn other than distance - which correlates with the 743.