Sunday, October 4, 2009


Roman Polanski has lately been arrested by Swiss police on the basis of skipping bail for unlawful sex with a minor, plying her with alcohol and Quaaludes.
This was 31 yrs ago , the girl was 13 at the time, albeit 'old' enough to model for Polanski's photos which he had told the girl's mother might appear in Vogue.

Mr. P made films, perhaps he still does. Semi-occultic traumaville bled from the camera onto silver screens. he has received awards and despite his well-known criminal act lives freely in acquiescing states. Switzerland no longer acquiesces.
Mr.P's acquaintances and contacts over the years may have looped in with the filming of children performing sexual acts , some even getting 'snuffed'.
The DuTroux case has sickened many , though it seems that the true enormity of the case, its internationality, its organisation have and will not be investigated by the mainstream media.

Now using a foto that depicts what the Tate gallery is not allowed to show.
Its not permissable as 'art' , is it permissable within the context of this post?

Nevertheless some authorities may well be quietly sick of people like Polanski flaunting his freedom, and his great works while sneaking off after alco-drugging a 13-yr old , proceeding then to penetrate her both vaginally and anally.

There have been calls from politicians [ incl. Sarkozy] and denizens of the film industry to be lenient, as he has suffered enough.
Headlines do not call him a pervert -
Though they have no qualms about calling Matthew Knott :
"Web Pervert Teacher Jailed For Four Years"

Mr.K using a female alias as well as his own identity managed to trick a 13-yr old into coming to his house where he ordered her 'like a teacher' to strip. he then had sex with her and drove her home.
Not condoning his actions it must be said he did NOT give her drugs and alcohol ala Mr.P.

Mr.K is 24, Mr.P was 44 at the time of his offence. Mr.K did not run away to a country who assumed his actions to be the suffrage of genius etc etc blah blah special people blah

John Potter, mitigating, said: "It has destroyed his career, something he will not be able to resurrect in the future, quite rightly."

The same kind of judgement against the offender has not surfaced against Mr.P.
Mr.P has his career because society did not allow it to be 'destroyed'. They let him become noteworthy and celebrated , which he wouldn't have done had he been treated as Mr.Knott.

Mr.P made a film called 'Rosemary's Baby' about the conception of a satanic baby, or perhaps even Satan. It's a popular cult film. Its stars Mia Farrow as the expectant mother.
Mia Farrow left Woody Allen who also had sexual relations with his step-daughter, for which he was not charged. Doubtless his contribution to the film industry influenced the public.

'Woody' has supported the HollyWoodies in saying that Roman has suffered enough, what with all the awards and films he's had to make

Oddly the prosecutor in Mr.Knott's case bears the name Farrow

Adrian Farrow, prosecuting, told the court that on May 24 earlier this year Knott, then aged 23, spotted the girl's profile on a social networking website,, which showed her age, where she lived and her photo.

The DuTroux affair remains 'unfinished business' , people corrupted in many parts of the Criminal Justice system and in other positions of authority and social influence allowed to walk free, parade if you will.
Around the world the sexualisation of children has become industry.
Miley Cyrus pole-dancing
Brooke Shields acting as Miley's 'Mom' in whatever its called.
Pole-dancing kits for pre-teens
Children modelling in adult poses in clothes shops etc. The poses are generally not sexual but adult which still puts them in the adult world where the body language of consenting sex to mild flirtation is permissable.
Blur those edges advertising, go on. Break the rules. Maybe you'll get an award

The blur between adult and children's clothes, make-up for little girls.

Children copy, they see the pouting prostitutes on TV and advertising [ perver-tising?]. And these models are emblazoned everywhere, massive posters, almost like goddesses, to be revered.

Soft porn seems to describe the Vogue, Cosmo 'gateway' magazines.

See Pseudoccultmedia for the dislocatofucked personality doll-brain they consistently implore readers to idolise.
In his piece on Brooke Shields: The Brooke Shields Doll and 'Tate Modern removes nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields after police pornography probe',
Pseudocc. writes:

She started modeling at 11 months old, showing what her parents always intended for her (again, what kind of parent allows their child to be photographed naked in a bath?!) and eventually covered Vogue and others.

Well, the Geimers also got their little girl into a 'bath scene', also for Vogue
Allegedly 2 other ex-presidents of France spoke up for Mr.P - Ahhh Les Beaux Arts

France allowed Mr.P residence since his flight from custody.
The Dutroux case alleged that powerful influences in France helped cover up for suspects and misdirect the investigations.

This 'ring' made snuff movies of children, which means the children were raped and killed and filmed and then thrown away.

Mr.P is a celebrated film-maker[ celebrated because we're told he is 'talented'. His offence against the 13-yr old was based around a foto-shoot.
Whoopi Goldberg has allegedly said ' that it's not rape'.

Matthew Knott, 24, who taught at Elton High School in Bury, Greater Manchester, targeted the youngster online, sent her explicit messages and asked her for naked photos.
He also invented an online profile of a 15-year-old girl called "Jessica" to send MSN messages to his victim, who was not a pupil at his school, encouraging her to meet him, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Based on the sentencing against Mr.K , who did without the alcohol, drugs and sodomy we may expect Mr.P to receive a somewhat longer sentence.
Alternatively the courts could let him out for 31 years to a land where poojabbing minors is seen as a necessary part of the wonders of growing up

Ironically Mr.P [ born Liebling] , who hails from Poland came into the news the same time Poland will put into law 'chemical castration' for convicted pedophiles.

Much has been made of the fact that Mr.P's victim wants the whole episode consigned to the past. Apparently out-of-court settlements have been made. I imagine the lady has dealt with it and has gone beyond it, though, the impact on the world proves greater than her.

Vogue etc, = 'gateway' mags to the Porn Industry and the behind-the-scenes sex and prostitution industry, and the MK-mind experimentation Industry

Photographing children , naked in a bath, for an adult fashion magazine , a magazine that didn't get so famous for being prudish - Hey Mom and Pop , whatcha' thinkin'?
Why weren't you there, at least out of interest and support for your daughter?

Some of the Inglorious STARS who support him:
Martin SCORCESE - Taxi Driver
David LYNCH - Twin Peaks
Michael MANN - Manhunter
Mike NICHOLS - Carnal Knowledge
Woody ALLEN - Everything you always wanted to know about sex [ but were too afraid to ask]
Neil JORDAN - The Company of Wolves
"My personal thoughts are let the guy go," said Peg Yorkin, founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation. "It's bad a person was raped. But that was so many years ago. The guy has been through so much in his life. It's crazy to arrest him now. Let it go. The government could spend its money on other things."

'A Person' Ms. Yorkin [Your Kin] claims, how non-committal.
Oh, and the government has spent 'its' money on a lot of other things.

Some years ago a British newscaster , divorced, took photos of her new man and her young boy in the bath together. The photos were developed by Boots , a well-known British High street chemist/pharmacy. The processor saw the photos and called the police, and the media reported it. The photos were eventually seen as 'innocent' photos of bath-time, though for a while the morale tirade against the newscaster outdid the softly-softly approach the media has given to Poorlanski.

'So-called crime'
In an opinion piece in London's the Independent, Weinstein Co. co-founder Harvey Weinstein, who is circulating the pro-Polanski petition, wrote: "Whatever you think about the so-called crime, Polanski has served his time. A deal was made with the judge, and the deal is not being honored. . . . This is the government of the United States not giving its word and recanting on a deal, and it is the government acting irresponsibly and criminally."

The govt. is 'acting irresponsibly and criminally' in Iraq and Afghanistan

"Jonathan Kuntz, a visiting professor in UCLA's Cinema and Media Studies school, said the local reaction may be a version of the "there, but for the grace of God, go I." "I think that there are a lot of folks in Hollywood in the late '60s and '70s who may have done a lot of things they weren't really proud of, and may have been participating in very similar things," Kuntz said. "And it touches on a question that's been around for a long time: whether the celebrity is above the law."

In both Islam and Judaism the 'graven' image is 'frowned upon'.
I assume so that people are not idolised, that their look and posture do not overly influence people to want to look like them and avert their 'gaze' from God.

The Mainstream Media deals mostly with the visual medium, as it proves the most powerful form of persuasion-convertising-pervertising.


skrambo said...

These people are only defending him because they've done similar things and see nothing wrong with it. They've got all their stupefied fans eating out of their hands.

The more I read about the rampant pedophilia amongst people who are basically worshipped, the more sickened I feel. This was one of the first subjects which tore me from any sort of "mainstream" thought, and led me away from the crippling ignorance of the consensus trance, which has now accepted pedophilia as a way of life. I can't imagine anything more horrifying and evil.

Ishmael said...


I see to remember the little blonde girl in *The Vampire Lestat* was highly sexualized. Of course Ann Rice could have it both ways her being a little girl and a mature woman. I think I need to see that film again. (for my reasons--Tom Cruise & death--and in light of J.K.'s obsession w/ K. Dunst.

There was a pretty disturbing scene in the *The Godfather* (book) with the big shot movie producer--same deal as R.P the attention wanting mother dolls up her baby to feed to the wolf for some dazzle and to feel special.

I sincerely hope R. P. is staked! I don't think it will happen. When feminists are on his side. . . It is like how some were tricked into supporting O.J.--I forget what the spin was maybe it was black women, I don't remember, but it was equally jarring.

I do understand the idea of prizing ripeness. I wrote about this a little. When is ripeness? 15? 16? 17? 18?
--I think that each person matures differently. So age is a difficult measure, but when we measure ripeness in acquiring womanly features, I can understand that. I don't understand sexualizing prepubescence. But then maybe the turn-on is destroying innocence. Our culture now (the american beauty industry) is not motivated by womanly features. We prize men w/ tits. America is latently homosexual!

Miley and the pole. You know children do dance around the maypole. It is the same thing. Of course the context is so different and the game of the maypole and its meaning isn't grasped until the children are initiated though--at the right moment. Your comment about graven images and the visual nature of our culture or the worship of graven images. Hmmm. Insightful.
I do enjoy reading you.
Very good work indeed.
be well

Newspaceman said...

Well said aferrismoon. Strange how time is judged to be a "healer" in this instance yet in other instances - war crimes for example - it is not.

Child abuse all the rage over here at moment, Little Teds nursery and the photos with plastic golf club penetration and similar.

Reminds me of the Donald Trump statue "defacing" including similar, I assume, golf club additions last week.


Michael Skaggs said...

Well done Aferris.

Funny thing is the night before Poorlanski was arrested/detained, whatever it was, I had just watched the 9th Gate. Made for some dreary dreams.

Ben's work at Pseudo Occult is sublime.

Be well mate!

aferrismoon said...

I think child abuse has always been a wa y of life, in many cultures, still continues with child labour etcetc
The Kings and Queens, the Noble seem also to have had an historical predilection for the innocent.
The Hollywoodees are given a lot of protection by those who would like to be seen with them.
Child Stars of a certain types seem to have the parents who 'farm' their children out to the highest voyeur/bidder

Lets hope this business is evolving out

Ishmael - seems the feminist movement is split, one report saying that the fem. movement has coordinated the backlash against Hollywood. Everyone positioning themselves.
The Miley pole thing I assume should be illegal for someone of her age. As she's been sanctioned to do it, then I assume the age of her public 9-16 has been sanctioned to experience this.

Agreed everyone matures at differing rates and society doesn't need to get super-strict.
Better education, a reduction of titillation by newspapers dealing in sex and idolatry
Keep some of the adult themes away from children, perhaps, though the media deliberately and callously makes this impossible.

Cheers News - Time has healed Miss Geimer but RPs still a-sufferin'.

Little Teds [ off BLUE Peter] , where;s this going to go? Feminism demanded women go out and work, get stressed out and leave the children with the first convenient entity that'll look after them - I sometimes wonder if the real arch-feminists aren't actually quite pleased. Their feeling for family is only destructive

Cheers Mike - ben's work does show the flood of material , on and on and on conceptual faux-art porno shite for the 'lost'


jenny said...

Good posting. Especially surprised with the graven images comment. Your blog...what a treat. I think your also correct about the destruction of the family comment.

FilmNoir23 said...

I also agree with your feminism vs. family take...Alan Watt has suggested on numerous occasions that Gloria Steinem's "Ms. Magazine" had been funded by the government. Near impossible to convince a woman today that these types of things were a dupe without being looked at as a Pig.

Interesting to note that Mia's Father, John Farrow (himself a famous film director)was a suspect in the Black Dahlia case for a VERY short period of time.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

I got nauseous perusing this. Gee, thanks. Thanks a lot. I 'ave this image in my mind of turning child molestors & animal abusers into living kites, bloody, flayed, their exposed-to-the-elements viscera flying like so much dangling ticker tape, as they soar ever higher, under severe pain, lamenting their former crimes, crying out in pain, 'til the tether anchoring them to the ground, extends further upward, rendering their vain cries out of earshot.

Surprised that you hadn't mentioned Polanski's 26 year old wife, the actress Sharon Tate, having been butchered by the Manson "family", their unborn son torn from her body, crucified to the wall, "PIG" scrawled in blood. Is there something else that they'd known already, so far back? A gray pall is cast ever over Hollywood.

aferrismoon said...

I thought about including it but went for brevity instead.
Its a difficult one but RP films do have a predilection for devils, babies and things Satanic.

Pig is also an insult used by Jews to describe Goyim.