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Praia Knowledge

On August the 4th [8/4] President Obama celebrated his 48th birthday. On the same day killings occurred in Bridgeville, a town with a lively toponomy .
Killings - taken out, dismissed, thought of unworthy, just because 1 can, voices in the head, Vicky and Timmy,so commonplace we make recourse to toponomy and numbers

WASHINGTON PIKE , for those of Masonic persuasion , resonates the Memorial to Albert Pike , ArchMason, in Washington.

79 enumerates the Hebrew words - YAChYN [ Yachin] and BOZ [ Boaz] , the names of the pillars holding aloft the whole Masonical Miasma


3 were killed by a gunman who nickmaimed himself 'CrazyGeorge'

"Police responses came from Bridgeville, Scott Township, Collier Township, Upper St. Clair and Mount Lebanon, among others."

St.Clair links to the supposed Franco-Scots Templar Bloodline family , the SINCLAIRS.
Sounds like 'synch-lair'

Cedar from the Lebanon was supposedly used in the building of The Temple of Solomon.

Map from PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS - 'The continued saga of the missing Russian ship'

That day was also the expected arrival date of the 'Arctic Sea' in Algeria from Finland via Kaliningrad. The ship, registered in MALTA, had a crew of 15 Russians.
Malta synchs in with the Sovereign Knights of Malta, as well as the residence , or holiday home, of Gerry McCann's brother. The McCann's daughter Madeleine was taken from them on May 5th, 2007 while on holiday in Portugal, and some reports claim that she was taken on a yacht to the Netherlands.
Sightings of Madeleine have come from Malta and Morocco
The 'Arctic Sea' 'disappeared' after passing through the English Channel and had been hijacked by 10armed men who claimed to be Swedish Drugs squad officers on July 24th. They left, after damaging communications equipment ,12 hours later.

Russia has invested a great deal in Algeria , a lot has been done to eradicate 'terrorists'.

A commenter called GREENLEAF contributed these words on 18/09/2007 in answer to MADELEINE AND THE MASONS about Gerry McCann's brother Paul:

"There is mention of a holiday home in Gozo, Malta. Is this the same
Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann says

"We have worked together in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction since the early 80s. We founded, in the first instance, Clouds House in 1983 and ran it for five years before moving to Scotland and opening up Castle Craig which we have been running ever since.

Both myself and Margaret Ann have presented at many conferences, written papers and belong to a number of professional organisations. In particular Margaret Ann served on the Executive of the Medical Council on Alcohol and I have just been elected a Board Member of the International Council of Alcohol and Addictions. I was also the Founder of the European Association for Treatment of Addiction (EATA).

In our personal life we have been blessed with four delightful children, now aged from 18 to 24. Victoria is a graduate of Newcastle and Stirling Universities and has obtained an MSc in P.R. from the latter. Dominic is final year History at Edinburgh University. Felicity is in her second year at Bristol University Medical School and Peter is awaiting a place in Medical School. We all share an interest in sailing and are fortunate in having a lovely house in Gozo which was paid for many years ago with a small inheritance. We continue to have family holidays together. We also allow staff at Castle Craig and close friends to use the house and it has been a charitable auction prize on several occasions.

Castle Craig has an extended contracts with the US Defence Department treating military personnel for addictions."

People have commented that Madeleine's eye defect resembles a KEYHOLE

TITAN 22/12/2007
Madeleines coloboma, her eye, is the perfect physical logo for their agenda. It would also be a very important symbol as the Vatican has a keyhole layout, it’s Masonic symbol, I could go on.

From GREENLEAF 18/9/2007

See about Us then Key Staff
Castle Craig Hospital
Peter McCann MA, ICADC Chairman
Dr Margaret Ann McCann, MB Bch BAO Medical Director
Dr. Michael G. McCann , MD , MA , DIH, MFOM Director
John L McCann BA ACIS Financial Director/Administrator

Castle Craig Hospital is located in 50 acres of grounds in the Scottish Borders. It is a residential hospital for the inpatient treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. The hospital is registered with the relevant statutory body, namely the Scottish Care Commission. It is a major contractor to the National Health Service and is recognised by the major medical insurers in the U.K. Many insurance companies from other countries fund the treatment at Castle Craig. The hospital is a Preferred Provider to the U.S. Government under the Tricare programme and it is also recognised by the Dutch insurance companies."

JULIERAY 18/9/2007:
"I always read Matthew James' daily insights into Madeleine his site is;
he is a very gifted and talented psychic/medium etc.
He made mention quite some time ago that Madeleine was born in a hospital in Holland and prior to her birth there were arguments, contracts to be signed, contracts ripped up etc. etc. as if there was something significant with regards to her conception and subsequent birth - all different goings on within that hospital. It would be interesting to find out who else has links to this hospital and whether or not it is one specifically for the Elite, as I have heard that there are quite a few that are purely for this type of secret society/Illuminati."

Madeleine McCann, if taken on board a yacht to Holland , would have travelled the opposite route to the one the 'Arctic Sea' would have taken were it to arrive in Algeria[ Loosely, as I have no info on exact routes taken by those vessels]. The Portuguese Coastguard claim the 'Arctic Sea' [ registered in Malta] never entered Portuguese waters.

The boat that may possibly have taken her to Netherlands has the name PANIC II.

PAN seems to get around - PAN-AM 103 [ Lockerbie, Scotland] has surfaced lately with the possible release of the 'bomber' on health grounds.

Via 'synchromysticism' , the 9/11 attacks were linked to PAN [ the godlet] due to then President Bush reading 'The Pet Goat' at a school while the attacks took place.
911 = Prime number as does
103 = which I have noted before concerning plane crashes
PAN is a greek word, but the same letters apply in Hebrew , though there's no word PAN in hebrew. Enumerated it = 131 , another prime.

A section of the Michael Shrimpton Report from THE WHISTLER - 'The First Boat Out of Port on the Morning of the 4th May 2007' -
"In the afternoon of 3rd May the motor yacht Panic II, Dutch registry, owned by A (whose full details again have been communicated to AIVD in The Hague), pennant number P2006/39060, home port Hellevoetsluis [ which translates as LOCK at the FOOT of the HELLE] Netherlands, built 1983, single-masted, single aluminium hull, length 10.2 metres, beam 3.3 metres, approximate standard displacement 3.5 tons, fitted it is believed with a 2-stroke diesel engine, positioned from Portimao, where she had arrived on the 1st, to Lagos. She waited there until about 1945Z, just before the marina was shut at 2000Z by lowering a lifting bridge, then moved out beyond the lifting bridge, where she was moored to a pontoon on the port side of the small canal leading to the open sea, where she waited."

William of Orange's invasion fleet departed from the port in 1688

The Eye Traingulates


Do 'blind spots' exist on the Euro-Atlantic coastline.

Strategic islands have always played an important component of Empire building
Malta-Gozo, Cape Verde, Gibraltar, Gotland
They bob around in one's periphery though retain a certain 'anonymity'

From PROPHE C - 16/9/2007
"In the grounds of the Court Hotel [Rothley] is built the "very first preceptory" (chapel or Temple) built by the Templar in England in AD 1122."

Rothley is the McCanns hometown.

Ely Roth makes violent films.

RVTh - roth - means ' boiling, furious, mad'

Templars get linked with Sov.Knights of Malta. One seems a 'Protestant' order while the other seems a 'Catholic' order. Apparently members of both may be Masons.
MALTA in Czech translates as 'Mortar'

Ship disappears after sail through English Channel by Jennifer Quinn
"Speculation on what might have happened has ranged from theories that it might have been carrying secret cargo to the possibility that it fell victim to an almost unheard of case of sea banditry in European waters."

The British Empire relied to a great extent on the pirates and smugglers along the South coast of the UK. Many pirates came out of the Med, the Barbary Coast etc.
Apparently the business coducted by 'British' ships outside the 3-mile limit constitutes piracy, though possibly, now , that has been safely sewn up by Maritime & Admiralty Law,

J.Quinn reiterates:
"Experts guessed the ship may have may have been carrying a secret cargo or that it might be at the center of a commercial dispute. They were wary attributing the disappearance to bandits, noting that though piracy is rife in waters off lawless Somalia and in other areas of the world, European waters have been free of such attacks for centuries."

mm...... for centuries.
Once the waters get 'locked down' the land proves easy-pickings

What the Butler saw!

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Whimsically the acronym could = ChEOP, the Egyptian pyramid
The 'cut' Iris links to Madeleine's coloboma

coloboma - Gk. koloboma - part removed in mutilation; cut short

"If this is a criminal act, it appears to be following a new business model," Marine intelligence expert Graeme Gibbon-Brooks told Sky News on Wednesday.
Malta Maritime Authority said the MV Artic Sea "has not approached the Straits of Gibraltar, which indicates that the ship headed out in the Atlantic Ocean.
"Where the ship was next spotted is uncertain. Russian media reports say the last contact was on July 30 when the ship was in the Bay of Biscay, and that it was later spotted by a Portuguese patrol plane, but there was no contact.
But Portuguese Navy spokesman Commander Joao Barbosa said "we can guarantee that the ship is not in Portuguese waters nor did it ever pass through Portuguese waters."
The ship has now been located off CAPE VERDE [Aug 15]
"Two military officials in Brussels separately confirmed the ship had been tracked and located off West Africa. The officials asked not to be named while the operation was ongoing."

Madeleine McCann was captured at Praia de Luz in Portugal
The capital of Cape Verde = Praia. It served as a slave-trading post

Some speculate that the 'Arctic Sea' had more than just its registered cargo [ lumber] on board

From AANGIRFAN - 'Lockerbie Disaster'
"US President Bush signed on August 4, 2008 into law: S.3370, the 'Libyan Claims Resolution Act.' The bill that grants Libyan immunity law and full diplomatic and economic status."
"Jeez Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, you'll find few in Scotland that don't know that al Megrahi was just the fall guy (the main reason for the Yanks wanting him jailed was his expertise as Libya's No 1 sanction buster via Malta)."


Check out Newspaceman's latest ' CHASING TEDDY BEARS'


little dynamo said...

Pharaoh's birthdate is shared in lets-call-it-even 1900 by the Queen Mother Herself, guiding Light of the New Age

same date, Rome razed the second temple in 70 a.d. (Mt. Lebanon sync)

. . . both pointed in these contexts, given that the triggerman, george sodini, wrote of mom as "The Central Boss" and "the Boss above all other bosses"

as above, so below! :O)

and also given that the Madeleine MedeaStorm had overt panoptic and NWO motives and undertones, recapitulating Kore's abduction and (further) priming Demeter's rage

george was, as they say, overshadowed

some rehab organizations are definitely not what they seem, or in fact more than seeming.... philip dick covered some of this in "Scanners" -- some military hospitals are also involved in very unpublicized "research" on addiction and human limits

such orgs suggest the templars or hospitalliers -- the templars ran "orphanages" in the nineteenth century (at least)

i've written about the portuguese-templar connection (order of christ) and the navi-gation and founding of america/goddess homeland via funding by the portuguese slave trade

the birthplace of american feminism is New Bedford, MA, a town still very much influenced by the Portuguese and Cape Verdeans (and still very much involved in slavery, of less overt styles)

the name Scanners fits the panoptic/keyhole theme -- the keyhole reminiscent of the Nashville Mall (osiric resurrection chamber)

dark waters indeed



aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ray.
In Prime Cut there are orphanages for the girls to grow up in.
Coming from North Wales we knew that childrens homes didn't exactly provide the service the community expected.

Also the Maltese Coat-of-Arms seems to 'resonate' Madeleine's eye somewhat

Hospitals etc. do research first and foremost. Medical care comes a woeful second.

Check out the Panacea Society in Bedford , UK

Perhaps George thought he wuz a dragon-killer

Ta for the info

Alex Robinson said...

August 4 was the kick off date for WWI. It was also the date the the king-in-waiting was baptised. Of interest from my current point of view it was Percy Bysshe Shelley's birthdate.
It gets to be the 216th day of the year, a number that I know has popped up around the blogosphere & I wrote of it once in conjunction with oaks & apples


aferrismoon said...

It has just popped up at The WrongWayWizard's latest tomelet

ViaReggio synchs with his death
Aug4 with his birth

Some kinds 'lectro-magnetica?

little dynamo said...

yeah you mentioned Prime Cuts before, i'll try to scratch it up

correction the phil kindred 'novel' was A Scanner Darkly, not Scanners, duh

cheers not tears, l.d.

aferrismoon said...

Yeah but Scanners was a strange movie. Seemed to say something about keeping peoples minds in check.

I have Scanner Darkly
The Flicker suits are a great idea

Prime Cut's odd for its connexions with Chicago, in these times. kansas is like Iraq, plain ole Harvest


Penny said...

all very interesting, some numerology and occult mysticism?
or am I missing something?
is there more to this, then I grasp?
I fully admit, this isn't my subject.

Though, I do not believe in coincidences, and am not a coincidence theorist.

aferrismoon said...

Hi Penny

I use the Hebrew letters as numbers and if certain numbers crop up just link them to the relevant words.

Certainly not into occultism, but these things exist so just put 'em in the mix.

Also not a great or persistant researcher , and at times many blogs have everything right off pat.

My mind also doesn't remember everything and things link together , perhaps in irrelevant ways, but perhaps once or twice it might help something 'click' for someone somewhere.

The Maltese coat-of-arms and Maddies face for example , or the boat routes appearing at the same time.

I don't feel the Global UberManagement controls everything and it has to bleed out somewhere. I have recourse to this methodology.

Anyhow no more to this than u grasp


Newspaceman said...

Still digesting all of this aferrismoon. Will try to comment properly over the weekend.


Unknown said...

this may amuse you.

Jesterka Scott

Unknown said...

"Ahhhh! The CRIMSON PERMANENT ASSURANCE" Heehee, the business end of this con's-piracy.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Scott - the whole clan

Cheers Vio - pirates on the land