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Caul Of The Wild

See Knolls from the Secret Sun brought up a film called ARLINGTON ROAD the other day which neatly clips on the tracks still screeching in Washing-ton.
Post = 'AstroGnostic:You're not who you think you are'

Looking at the wiki-writeup it mentions that Michael Faraday's [Jeff Bridges] wife , an FBI agent, had died at a siege akin to RUBY RIDGE. He suspects neighbour of terrorism and investigates

One of the players = MASON GAMBLE which seems to describe JSDownard's take on the JFK assassination
Arlington's way over the otherside of the city and contains dem bones. Its swath covers half the city, its neatly-lined Bone bank glares across the river to the Wyatthouse , where the Sheriff of the Western World keeps an eye on the workings within the sassy nation
A variously-identified flyer exploded into the Pentagon on 9th of 11, Within its confines squats [ perhaps now removed] the Ground Zero cafe , named after the TRINITY missive , co-written by angels, in 1945.

Gamble from 'gamel' - play games

"The Kennedy and Oswald burials were both at "Arlington": JFK at the National Cemetery near Washington, D.C., and Oswald at Rosehill Cemetery near Arlington, Texas. "Arlington" is a word of significance in Masonic sorcery and mysticism and it has a hidden meaning which ties in with necrolatry."

JSD has Trinity as the prequel to Killing of the King ritual 18 years later in '63 , while in 2001 the Twin Towers fell to create yet another Ground Zero [ Tabula Rasa for new tessalata]

1945 - Trinity , Ground 0, named a cafe in the 5entagon after it.
General Leslie Groves headed the Manhattan Projection
Later 2 new G-0s sprung up in Japan, retaliation for the attacks at Pearl [ before swine] [H]arbour - that's Obama-kin's cradle where they started the Pacific[haHa!] War that ended with the bombs tested at Trinity that floods the plain that Jack-Osiris phall upon to rise in ElleBJay
Callooo Callay!

1963 - JFK-LBJ ex-in-auguration , the ex- was at the Triple Underpass on the Trinity river's old flooding ground.
The in- bit took place at Love Field on AF 1 at Gate 28 - LBJ naugured within a Lady Triangle - not a grove , but I believe they served drinks and discussed the future

2001 - explosions in downtown NYC at the WTC, some have deliberated over the odd demolishifying effect taken on by the 3 main participants - The Twins + Building 7 [ the 3rd] resonating the 'strange' explosion at Trinity 56 years earlier. It shares the name 'Ground Zero' [ grind, ground] with sites at the Pent-A-goN and Los Alamos.
Another explosion at the Pent. in Washington, also holding a Ground Zero, close to JFKs grave

"Shadows by the film-folk, masses by the good people"
FW -page 221

The first 'victim' labelled by the Medjiots as having died of something , lets call it swine flu [ Safety first] as its not AIDS, was 33 years Judy Trunnell. She came in with difficulty breathing and was put on life-support. It seems she was nearly full-term and while in a coma the docs birthed a healthy baby via Caeserean.
A type-A Influenza outbreak had been cruising around Texas for a while. Medicheads say that Swine flu is a Type-A. Thus Swine flu = a subset of a larger 'Flu yet we have been coerced into focussing on just one of its tendrilla.
Medicinal Triple-speak. If you're confused yet just let me vaccinate you [ vacca = cow]

Trust me , I'm a Tokter!

Silent Weapons - Quiet Wars

She hailed from Harlingen which refers to Harlingen in Nederland, and seems likely that Harlingen, Harlington and Arlington = the same.

'Pictures of Swine Flu Victim released' - so goes the headline , umm lets read the article:

"The schoolgirl, who was born with a rare and life-threatening disorder affecting her small intestine, died at Birmingham's Children's Hospital on Friday evening.

Doctors suspect she also suffered from a condition which weakened her bone marrow and immune system, making it difficult for her body to fight infection.

Tests revealed she had contracted swine flu, although it is not yet known if this contributed to her death."

"Birmingham and Solihull Coroner Aiden Cotter advised Mr Ahmad that a post-mortem examination was necessary to find out how his daughter died, although it was not strictly a legal requirement.

He said: "It may be that, when we have all the evidence in, we still won't know but it's important we try and find out."

So , did she die from or for swine flu?

Hard to toll.

'A man burnt to a crisp is suspected of having swine flu which may have acted as an accelerant.....considered to be contributory as he wouldn't have gone to the doctors along past the railway track where a cargo of a highly inflammable gas ......

Metro Washington kills 9 [8 may have had swine flu, we don't know , just guessing , but better safe than sorry] , across the way from Arlington Co., WDC, 33 years after it opened.
Judy Trunnel from Harlingen Tx. dies aged 33 , from a form of hog flu

Iesous Xristos [IX=9] at 33 gets wrongly diagnosed as a terrorist , Pilate washing his hands lets the rabble nail him up.

Its possible that he had contracted a virulent form of Pearl Flu, inject him with nails

'...same as it ever was'
[Talking Heads]

The world spins, breakneck speed by all accounts.
Death in Washing-Town [ think Pilate] , Red-Line, some lights don't work, signals off
Driver did her best but probably got them mortgage payments to think of, things on her mind, any day could be a bomb,
and then there's the efficiency drives , accountants cutting seconds off here and there , end-of-week reports, timetables, 'nd I guess the cry-wolf crisis has meant everyone has to tighten their belts, excepting the protagonists, of qworse.

Oh mettle on metal, what a screech and a hiss, gas and souls escape on the road to Totten [ almost 'death' by the German]
Tottin' it all up coulda used some o' that Christian Bale-Out Salvation moolah on that most elusive and expensive of items - SAFETY

Mussolini took power by getting the trains to run on time, now they're derailing , taking a tumble into the sacrificially positioned village.
Last week
It got Silvio Berlusconi [ Selma Bouvier, Sonic Boom] out of hob-nobbing in Libbyar with Colonel Gaddaffy -

Libya or Livia - LBYAH in Hebrew means 'a lioness'.
BAST - lioness goddess of Owd Aegypt could summon fire, at will.

Now they're having a knees-up in L'Aquila , not too many moons after the earthquake let loose a few souls. Well, they couldn't cancel it, as it had been organised months in advance

Perhaps the driver was up for joyriding, 'lets see what this bambino's got!'
mmm - mucho dubito. Maybe its that 'sayfti' thing again, how'd you spell it again ' say FT' aka ' Profitkiller'.

The emblem of Viareggio where lie the victims has an anchor which resembles the Tau Cross and Serpent , symbolic acc. to Downard of the Killing of the King, oaks also crop up, Oak Street near Dealey Plaza as well as the oak on the Kennedy family crest

Italy synchs with the 9/11 business as the Centro Mondiale Commerciale began in Italy in 1961 as a business venture. It means World Trade Centre in Italian. Oddly CMC also stands for Cuban Missile Crisis which happened in Oct.1962, - Kennedy-Kruschev-Kastro

'In alchemy, the Killing of the King was symbolized by a crucified snake on a tau cross, a variant of the crucifixion of Jesus.'

Earthquake at L'Aquila - The Eagle , Immolation on the ViaReggio - Way of the King, G8 summit in L'Aquila
L'Aquila plays Fenix

Viareggio - Kingsway - Follow the Leader

"As rescuers searched through the rubble for survivors, unions and consumer groups denounced what they said is the poor safety record and aging infrastructure of Italy's rail system and questioned sending highly explosive cargo through an inhabited area.

The 14-car train was traveling from the northern city of La Spezia to Pisa when part of the convoy derailed as it passed Viareggio's station."

14th card of Tarot = Death

"GATX Rail Europe, which is based in Vienna, said it owns the rail cars. CFO Werner Mitteregger added he did not have any details on what caused the accident. "

Probably saving money somewhere, must keep!!

key pit safe

>Morning of the the 3rd and in DhreamSpace , over Prague , in flies a Blackbird , the U2 supersonic version, stops for a second and then drops out of the sky into Prague, the upwelling dustcloud immediately visible. Went to take some photos but managed to get sidetracked by the waking mind. I didn't get the impression that anyone had got hurt<

Chugging over to NewsPaceMan we find a crash at a rail station at Beale in Pangbourne.

'** I was unsure about the Beale aspect so did a search on the BBC site.(link). On 29/06/2009 (adds to 28) - last Saturday - 13 people had to be treated by paramedics after a steam train crashed on a narrow gauge railway on the Beale Railway, Beale Park, Pangbourne, shortly after 13.00 hrs. There is a Falkland War memorial chapel in the village, opened by the Queen on 03/2000. It appears she regularly visits it.'

From Ray [ at Da Black Whole]
'the swearing-in of the Ma-Son-ick Kupple at Love (goddess) Field's Gate 28 is important -- as you note, 28 = the Solomonic BEALE and suggests the Edomite king BELA -- both rooted in Bel, the masculine consort of Ishtar/Innana/etc, ie the goddess' consort, whether LBJ or BO etc'

A word BOL-102 , could pronounce 'beel', 'bale', 'bell', unsure, means in Hebrew via different diacritics:-
'Having sexual intercourse'
'Husband, spouse, owner'
'Having, of'

In Crowleys 'Sepher Sephiroth' it has:
Bela, A King of Edom; to possess; lands, government

while also enumerated at 102 is TzBY:
Grace, pride, fame , glory; a wild goat - acc. to Crowley

Deer, gazelle , buck, stag - acc. Zilberman's Hebrew-English dictionary

Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter 'Little Edie' drew infamy for the state of their livingry. Overrun with rubbish and feral cats the State Health would have closed the house had Jackie Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis not stepped in with a timely sum to tidy them over.

Buffing up on tesselation, grids, Pavlov's Dog, rat-runs, air, rail and shipping routes, lines and lanes, criss-crossing autobahns, express, motor and highway, the forms, tickets, confirmations, dateline leads ever-spiralling to the deadline: for the domestic animal the abattoir looms , the semi-circus grins through the word : S-laughterhouse.

Chew-Chew , in chuffs a Black-Iron Dragon-Snake, its fed with the children of the field hacked 'n' racked , scent to ChainTown or Karpool Heights , Keyville twinned with Machetta on the road that abruptly loops as it crosses as it winds its well worn way into New Cannery's suburbs shouting distance from North Utter and Claybelt.
U gotsta feed yo' draginz!!

Chicago waves byebye


Cut in 1972 the film travels from Chicago to Kansas City where we find the devoted of the land take on the Emerald Enforcers.
Chicago's has had a lot of Irish influence making it an Emerald City while another Irishman JFK lived in Camelot , Washington.

They receive a package

60609 written like boboq , also the chica bo

Cere-US disorder

Nick Devlin [ the devil to those clean-cut country boys] takes on the job to retrieve a debt from Mary-Ann, MA, purveyor of meat in multi-forms.
Devlin = Dublin = Doublin' = Doveland
The Boss, bovis = MA, and Mary-Ann loves to eat guts, while his artful bro' Weenie plays the sausage-man

Nick turns up to confront Mary-Ann at the sales, white-girls penned like moo-cows , these ones vaccinated with heroin , keeps 'em cow-eyed 'n' bashful, as the cattle get injected with a heap o' chems.
Lasses respond better to downers, lads to uppers , fact of life, summit real to transcend

'All the best livestock get their shots'

"lookie like u comin' down with 'flu , missy!"

Poppy and Violet take Nick's attention , Poppy whispers 'help me' and Nick takes her - on account.
Red poppies and White Poppies, war an' heroin, though in the UK the white-heroin poppy steps in as the 'peace' poppy so the Remembrance Day
is stippled with those who would remember the blood spilt while the peacefuls praise the medication that keeps the pain away while cut, slice and amputate flash from the surgeons scalpel.
Also after the war, that White Horse helps a veteran or two through the nightmares
White doesn't represent peace , it does for innocence, like Parsifal offing the Alba-Tross, somewhat other - in French its 'blanc' - blank aka Tabula Rasa, pre-tesselate

Libretto by Darwin, music by Wagner

Devlin takes Poppy to his room. The Hotelier asks the bell-boy to ' Show Mr Devlin the Chicago Suite.' And to Devlin remarks that 'They used to call it the Presidential Suite but they don't stop in Kansas anymore'

SunFlowers and Crosses

Nick moves through the Sunflower field that leads to Mary-Ann's farm.

Sunflowres appearing on the SUN card , the Innocent on the White Horse , palms and soles - KPh in Hebrew - proferred.
SUN card = card 11 , deriving from Hebrew character K[20]

"Horses figure prominently not only in the pleasure of kings but in their murders as well. James Earl Ray was convicted partly on the evidence of a "white Mustang" (automobile), Sirhan Sirhan claimed to his psychiatrists, trance-like, that he shot Robert Kennedy "for a mustang, mustang, mustang ..."
The film twists through the heartland of AMerica , the nature of killing and killers.
Mary-Ann enslaves, kills in single file, its just a job, everything's put through the grinder - the livestock, the girls, enemies. They all come out the same - schooling
Nick , gunman, shoots on contract, buts its visceral , not the sterile machine gun regularity of the slaughterhouse [ in its various guises]. No death is the same, Devlin the Hunter to Mary Ann's farmer.
MA got rid of the previous enforcers by slaughtering them and turning them into sausage, yet while lying half-out of the pig-pen he asks Devlin ' to put him out of his misery:

' Finish me off , you would for a beast'

' but you're a man Mary Ann'

Think Revelations;
The world overflows with 'farming metaphor' - the harvest continues

And all are treated according to their rank
Poppy in the pen, lying on straw, smacked up and occasionally down - Clarabelle on her luxury bed, weighed down by wealth and ennui

'Mary Ann tells Devlin that Chicago is "an old sow, begging for cream" that should be melted down.'

They melted down NY and the cream bubbled to the top in ChicaGroundO

Apparently some financial links lurched between Chi-Town and EnWhySee on 9/11, Chicago does prove a rich and financially influential city.

Over in the UKey another corn-dolly uh-maizes , its at Milk Hill,[MillKill] a stab at a sextant , slicing the circle into slabs of 60, the centreline shoots a track through the corn, nowhere to run , very few places left to hide.

60 - ploo-ugh Babylonionne

One day all cities will be made this way.

Geomatrix coupled with alien script and the distant lowing of farm animals - domesticated and well fed. There will be adequacy in vast amounts.
2012 - Year of the Termite [bunting, at no extra cost]

' In the great quasi "democracies,"
so far as the general scheming of things is concerned
the individual no longer exists.
Mass production anticipates
the individuals selective functioning"

RBF - fron 'NoMore2ndHandGod': hell but don't it sound like Mary-Ann

The New Age posits 'oneness' or 'unity' - an homogeneity akin to Totalitarianism , all the correct words , little, very little of any thing else.
No-one has any idea at all about a singular oneness, simply as it requires more than 1 to be aware of any state
Oneness = nowareness
'member Crowley and the Golden Dawns Fool begins the pack with 0

Creativity has been sidelined , the word appropriated by the Kitsch violence of cinema, sit-com, the faux-e-motion picture inDUSTry>>>>rackfuls of fa-shun mags.
Underground bands that were overground before they staged underground

Unity = Plural and at min. = 6

Unity = 6 , getting more of an idea about 'equality' now.

The Combine Harvester trundles , cut and bale, though for Devlin and Poppy - cut and run.
Should you wish the corn provided by their lady Demeter - Isis - Ceres one must employ the sharp reaper - what grows up gets cut down
Perhaps as we have employed this scythemaster as the image of death many in the West feel uneasy about the big day - who wants to feel as crops any more, why we accept the deaths of thousands to kickstart economies.
Crop - Harvest - Yield

Gross Gnashional Product

Corn and Cars , keep 'em coming

TinMan and ScareCrow din't make it to The Emerald City

Bale - Out

" The house of Atreox is fallen indeedust (Ilyam, Ilyum! Mae-
romor Mournomates !) averging on blight like the mundibanks of
Fennyana, but deeds bounds going arise again. Life, he himself
said once, (his biografiend, in fact, kills him verysoon, if yet not,
after) is a wake, livit or krikit, and on the bunk of our bread-
winning lies the cropse of our seedfather, a phrase which the
establisher of the world by law might pretinately write across
the chestfront of all manorwombanborn. The scene, refreshed,
reroused, was never to be forgotten, the hen and crusader ever-
intermutuomergent, .............." FW,page55


Alex Robinson said...

Great post - I got it the first time for once - well most of it :)
The Arlington cover reminded me of 'The Prestige'

'Twas fun to see a splendid synch up with a my latest on a cere-us note. Also noted a 'lady triangle' echo.


Unknown said...

Cool stuff. Washington etymology leads to a meaning of a Holy Hill emerging from, or sitting in, water. The axis munde or primeval mound, the first bit of land in creation. Washington/Weshington/Wessington/Wessynton: "Wessington can be broken down into Wessing and Ton. Wessing can mean soaking, steeping, and water or to wash (from Wasser). And Ton at the end of a word does not necessarily mean 'town.' From Anglo-Saxon "torr" it denotes a 'holy hill.'"

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Alex
yeah noticed the manhattan Triangle.
Often the posts seem to carry words and connexions whether the subject matter is the same or not
I call it 'word-vesseling'

Hi Vi
Cheers for the link
Also interesting is:
Washington, Tyne and Wear [ where George's family originated from]
Check the local football teams logo, quite 'American'

Cheers both

Occult Mosaic said...

word vesseling eh? good stuff.

aferrismoon said...

Hi Tel. it seems that a fair few words and phrases repeating -
lately Red Line, Dog, Cow and also the ideas that they iterate

Dog - Star, animal, god, cartoon , etc
Red Line - blood, red sea, railway, Nile etc etc

they seem to give posts an integrity that the subject matter , however well-meaning, just fails to grasp , in fact subject matter , the story at times feels fairly superficial, but the words that convey it seem to connect at a deeper level of c-c-c-c-conshisnoss.


little dynamo said...

neverended empire file, libya/livia: augustus' wife, 58 BC - 29 AD, murderess (poison mostly), plotter, sneek, serpent, power behind the empire

her cult deified her as [black, pan] Ops, a grain-goddess w/ sheaf and cornucopia, thus an incarnation of demeter

salome and herodias (nymph, mater) arranged the baptist's decap (crone remains unseen) while livia/ops arranged the crucifixion

robert graves<-- penned I Claudius excavating some of the MA Sheen Nations of livia/sphinx/bast

(goofy dood tho)

agreed, kaddafi is equivalent, sini-sisterly androngynous, not like lion but lioness


to Mary Ann (MA) from Prime Cuts reminds manhattan's five points neithborhood Bill the Butcher from 'gangs of new york' -- bill in his 'workshop' -- scene where bill hacks a hank from some freshly s-laughtered victim and presents it to an old woman emergent from the shadows (this is the crone)

their agreement silent and v old

right-o, devlin the hunter = abel, mary ann = cain --- abel from hunter-gatherer era -- edenic, sincere sacrifice acceptable

cain from agricultural era --demetrian, insincere (unworthily crafted) sacrifice unacceptable

great synthesis of multiple running themes AF