Friday, July 20, 2007

V & A

V and A have emerged on Sabrina's Journey.
The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is usually referred to as the V&A. There is a gallery in Mott Street , New York called V&A New York which has an exhibition called In Watermelon Sugar by John Penry. one painting shows a pyramid with eye-capstone. Sabrinas Journey has http address Fionawatermelon .
Venus and Aphrodite
Valis and Alice
V and A , Vaw and Alef , = 6 + 1 = 7 which wings us back to NTzCh - Netzach the 7th Sephira , often translated as Victory which then tacks to starboard to find HMS Victory harboured in Portsmouth
A has been interpreted as a glyph for the pentagram while 5 = Roman 5
They could be the symbols for Water and Air with the bases knocked off
Av represents Gold in the field of numismatics.

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