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The word Ebola has spread due , obviously, to the disease taking a grip in some parts of West Africa, and isolated cases in different parts of the world.

Overat Da Black Whole the shape of the African continent is investigated.

The shape of Africa may be considered as Satan's head, replete with horn and wounded crown.

Thus West Africa = the back-brain, according to one brain map an area dealing with spatial and visual co-ordination [ on the right side ] language and mathematical calculation [ on the left ].

A Lobe

Today's media world celebrates confusion, deliberate , with glee does the MSM pounce and tear at the language of humanity, promotes a paleolithic dumbshow supremecism, hate and evil. And as such Ebola's re-entry into the world seems to symbolise the disease infecting this part of the 'brain' that disenables humanity from communicating with itself.

Da Black Whole noted that the first case in the US came from Liberia , a country that was begun by Africans freed from enslavement in the US. He touched down in Dallas, where JFK was shot in the head. He appeared to the people of the US as a leader who would usher forth a peaceful, prosperous and loving nation. The killing of this 'king' struck the heart of the US and demoralised the nation.

Kennedy or Ceanneidigh which can mean 'ugly head'

Even the Liberty Bell got a crack in its head.

Airborne Inauguration

M.Hoffman , at his blog, has mused on the 'twilight language' of Ebola.

" He gives the following account of how the virus was named:

Observer newspaper: You were also the one who gave the virus its name. Why Ebola?

Peter Piot: "On that day our team sat together late into the night – we had also had a couple of drinks – discussing the question. We definitely didn't want to name the new pathogen 'Yambuku virus,' because that would have stigmatized the place forever. There was a map hanging on the wall and our American team leader suggested looking for the nearest river and giving the virus its name. It was the Ebola river. So by around three or four in the morning we had found a name. But the map was small and inexact. We only learned later that the nearest river was actually a different one. But Ebola is a nice name, isn't it?"

Piot and an anonymous "American team leader" supposedly named the virus after "the nearest river," Ebola, which, as it turns out, was not the nearest river. This river-naming explanation is repeated by the Establishment media without question.

Do you believe Prof. Piot’s account of how the virus was named? While I am not accusing Piot of any wrong-doing, I don't necessarily take his statement at face value.

In the “Revelation of the Method” era in which we find ourselves, clues to mysteries and even the mysteries themselves are often openly revealed.

"Ebola" is a strong brand name like Exxon and Kodak. Piot's enigmatic statement that "Ebola is a nice name" is bizarre; almost a hint pointing to a clue.

What makes "Ebola" a “nice name” for a killer virus?"

M. Hoffman wonders about the account, its confusing language, and the slightly bizarre 'Ebola is a nice name , isn't it?'

Yambuku is situated about 60 miles south of the Ebola River.

Another Haemorrhagic Fever has the name Marburg virus after the city of Marburg in Germany. There seems to have been no noticeable stigmatization of that city due to it lending its name to a deadly virus.

Another book from Dan Brown's stable appeared this year - INFERNO. It deals with a plot to depopulate the world. A scientist makes a gene-bomb that once let out sterilises random humans and leads to depopulation. After a full-throttle story bthat damn thing gets releaesed but the protagonist generally feel that its not such a bad idea - awww!

Anyone who advocates or 'believes' in depopulation [ I prefer trying better distribution of world resources, as in 'let's try it since we have the means to do it' ] could do the honourable thing of topping themselves first before picking on swathes of others. Then after you've all moved on we can get down to making the world work without a crew of anti-life memes.

Herod I or the Great was a bit of cruel sod by all accounts:

"He has been described as "a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis",[9] "the evil genius of the Judean nation",[10] "prepared to commit any crime in order to gratify his unbounded ambition"[11] and "the greatest builder in Jewish history" "

Great in works and evil in deeds.

Whether historically accurate or not Herod ordered the 'Massacre of the Innocents' in his attempt to kill the usurper Jesus, who had been touted as the new King of the Jews. All children 2 or under were targeted.

This act of random killing echoes the random killing of innocents, not just by the Ebola virus but the virus of media-led wars, especially in the Middle East, beheadings and crucifixions , mimicing the deaths of John and Jesus.

"Though satan persecutes the Lord’s people globally, where are the current atrocities concentrated? The crucifixions (mocking Christ) and beheadings (mocking John)? In Africa and the Mid-East. Satan has many servants in America, great and small, but also many enemies. Africa and the Middle-East offer direct push, easy targets, little organized resistance."
Da Black Whole

The age old art of putting words on a car-speedometer and watching the words metamorphose alphabetically sometimes throws up a word or two. Thus was HAL, the machine in 2001: A Space Oddysey, whose language went awry, transforms into earthly computer company IBM.

Similarily EBOLA eventually throws up HEROD and later on ROBYN. ROBYN describes the other two - Robbin' peoples lives.

Herod seems interesting, coming , possibly , from Hebrew root-word ChRD. Translations include: to tremble, fear, to startle: anxious, fearful and oddly ultra-orthozox person.

ChRD enumerates to 212.

Via Tarot imagery
Ch - Chariot

R - Magus

D - Tower


"The title given to the overseers and princes appointed by Solomon to supervise the workmen preparing the material and in the building of the Temple."


'Orb' and 'rod' seem prominent, each helping to form the other.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


A cartoonist at the Sydney Morning Herald drew the above cartoon based on voyeurs getting comfy watching some people being bombed to death. Some indignant lobbyists in that part of the world condemned the cartoon, and rather like the tanks and planes , strafin' an' a bombin' innocent civilians to death and mutilation, they bombarded the Sydney Morning Herald into a grovelling apology.

Wonder if the Herald will publish the laughing child-killer above?

This blog has written more and given greater context on the matter

A Cartoon from the real Jewish Lobby

The Herald cartoonist is inaccurate , the man on the sofa is using 'Gaza Google Glass' and projecting 'Jewish suffering' onto the valley below......I think.

Photographs of the many Palestinian children murdered by cowardly soldiers and politicians [ at arm's length minimum] are horrific and so I haven't added them to this post.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Its OK

The post tells us that every 3 days for the past 13 years Israelis have killed a Palestinian child.
"The Talmudic mentality suffuses the Wall Street Journal where there is one standard for The Holy People and another for Palestinians. Columnist Bret Stephens (July 1, p. A11) decrees that the Palestinian people are part of "a culture that celebrates murder" and "is not fit for statehood."

Dear Mr Stephens of the New York Times, please could you print the photo above of an Israeli 'policeman' laughing over the body of a child , doubtless shot in cold blood.

The Israelis, those who practice racism with pride, and their supporters, blind-eyed, always seem to describe the Palestinians, and those who dare criticise their inhumane activities, in terms that are quite obviously descriptive of their mentality, and they know it.

Unable to admit to their manic projections they violently attack and kill men, women and children, while cowards in governments and the hate-filled media basically say 'Its ok'.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Top People and Cigars

Fiddle Castro. Well I assumed so, but it is in fact Cheeky Guevara; ta for correction , Mr.Bloom.

Ciggie Freud

UN Envoy for the Development of Conflicts Deemed Necessary by Whoever Pays Her

Vice-Chairman of BBC - 2004-2006

Chairman of BBC - 1964-2011

John Nicholson

Loo Grade

Shawn Carter and Usher Raymond

All are from the Entertainment Industry

While not technically an entertainer Winston Churchill did inflict the Sign of Apophis and Typhon upon the world, gleefully picked up by the satanists of the 60s and now it has been rebranded as the Peace sign , as in Taking the Peace.

Crowley wrote "It is a notable witness to the triumph of Magick that all militant nations have adopted , wothily or not, magical symbols and gestures."

Some reading material:

[ includes extra cigar photos ]

Sunday, January 19, 2014


The legalisation of Marijuana , Sweet Mary-Jane, Pot, Grass, Weed, Dope, Wacky Bakky, Chronic, Skunk; the media machine has granted its production and distribution for the general public.
Since it illegalisation it has been promoted as a medical wonder that relieves pain in those with CHRONIC ailments. Now it is to be distributed to all. The implication is that mankind is in so much pain that ingesting a plant , most it seems will smoke it, will take away that pain.
If one uses a painkiller to take away the pain it obviously becomes addictive until the origin of the ailment is removed. Thus marijuana for pain relief must be 'addictive', despite the 'scientific proof' that it is not. One of the reasons for promoting 'weed' is that it isn't addictive. The machine metal mind that sustains consumers does not care whether its addictive or not, once people buy it repeatedly the result is much the same. Inculcate it into the marks' lifestyle and hey! presto, they will demand to be associated with 'chronic dopeweed'. This is why the corporate musicians were used to promote it via their repetitive-4-chord, nod-nod rhythms while they entwined , like a vine, with freedom and liberation. Commercial reggae was used because of the association with black people as slaves who are freed by ganja and repetitive trance-like beats. Rock music used the whiteskin jesus-lookalike longhair who took listeners on a screeching soul-trip to the stars. Both genres essentially enslave youth in nod-nod, smoke-filled atmospheres, united in their desire to be isolated by plant-based and synthetic ideologies - grinning.
Humans may be used by both plant [nature-reproduction] and metal [ money, weapons, digital language, media] to further their genetic electro-genetic pattern.
Machines fill the world with more machines which herd humans into further machine-making and the production of nature-based chemicals to ingest, ingestion of which channels humans into lifestyles in which machine and reproducing nature control omni-humanity's lifetime.

Uncle Sam is a warmonger. The Uncle Sam cartoon-poster-propaganda personality points at you, yes you, and says that ' WE [ collective humanity] NEED [ requires and essential for life ] YOU [ whether you like it or not. And by 'YOU' the poster implies 'you who are alone and standing in the way of the collective humanity 'behind' the poster].
'TO STAND UP[ be counted , don't be the last one to stand up or you'll be seen. Stand up for yourself you sniveling, cowardly non-person wretch]. FOR YOUR RIGHTS [ implication - your right to take marijuana, mostly be smoking. Implication 2 - you're such a weak-willed, lily-livered non-person that we good people have to tell you to stand up for your rights as you are so pathetic etc., etc. ]

Uncle Sam here is GREEN, because green means good for the environment or mama nature, or eco-friendly.
Unco Sam would also like that you sit back and don't complain about the drone-screen-machine-war on humanity carried out by zombified humans with deep-screen, torture-tolerant, meta-programming.

You can avoid smoking marijuana and bake cakes and other foodstuffs but smoking is a far more effective delivery system and , despite health warnings, delivers tobacco to millions of people every hour.

Marijuana legalization benefits tobacco companies far, far more than it will ever benefit their customer.

Some say that it will stop people ending up in prison for a non-violent , victimless crime.
The US has a privatized prison service - replacement criminals will be found. In fact they could still be the free-to-use-maryjaner arrested and imprisoned on another non-violent crime such as stealing food while on the 3rd strike and receiving 25years , or life, while corporate thieves rake in crookedly-but legally acquired billions, creating financial crises to increase stress levels among humans leading to criminal activities or isolation-insulation via routine drug ingestions, and then they are given insane, unspendable bonuses which are flaunted and then written up as 'well-deserved' and awarded 'person of the year' celebrity go[l]dhead status.

It is also mooted that it will take income away from drugs-cartels. marijuana is now too bulky for drugs cartels - illegal business thrives from getting as much profit and control from as little of the product as possible. Marijuana is to the drugs cartel what the giant computers of the 1950s are to the tech companies of today - obsolete.
In Mexico the government is battling vigilantes , non-criminal citizens of Mexico, who want the deadly cartels off their streets and lands. The citizen-vigilantes have been asked to lay down their arms. The government seems more protective of the cartels' interests than once-peaceful non-criminal, non-tax-evading citizenry.
Many people think government and crime go hand in hand and as such the tax from marijuana will go into criminal government coffers.

Sub-Vertising often focuses on the HEAD alone. Pot-heads or jus' plain ole' heads, shucks could even be deadheads.

A Blackskin being liberated.

"The planet Earth is evolving from a world of life and human beings, organized socially in nations and civilizations, ruled by verbal ethic languages (laws, religions) into a world of machines, ruled with digital languages (money, science) and organized socially by the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines, corporations that form together the complex FMMI system with a head in ‘world-stock” .

Adam Curtis in the documentary ' CENTURY OF THE SELF ' notes that Edward Bernays was approached by the tobacco companies to solve the problem of women not smoking cigarettes. Women smoking at that time [ early C20th ] was looked down upon. The Tobacco companies looked down upon not being able to access that mark-ette. Bernays suggested combining female smoking with female liberation and got a gaggle of classy gals onto the street to light up and liberate while frenzied photographers and reporters turned it into front page news.

Image from:

Again in the early C21st we see 'potsmoking' and 'freedom-liberation' in the same agitprop-popart programming. The 1960s clamped narco-ingestion firmly with liberation theology, the core of the 'love' movement spun around the 'Do what thou wilt'-OTO-Scientology-Church of Satan-Process Church-The Children-Pop-Crop-Death-Cult-Dysfunction-Instant Gratification-HeadOnanism-Anti-Mentality.

While your head spins they spin propaganda into you.

Whiteskin Jesus Cool Type - he's alright

Liberated cool-babe-love chick. She go choo-choo " like a train'.

Community-companionship style propaganda

Hey , at-least-it's-better-than-poison programming

Submit to higher authorities. The Sub-Dom activity in the photograph is an Ayahuasca ritual , submitting to the master and the sacred vine
Smoking is Sacred shamano-propaganda - that is priest-master [ of ceremonies] whose programming you 'follow' or 'go with the f[o]l[l]ow' as he fills your body with chemicals and suggestions your weakened state cannot resist. Remember to call him MASTER [ Me-Stir] as he is your master and you are a small, defenseless child-cub who is perpetually in need of life-actualisation, direction, and release from TRAUMA. People generally go to brainwashing ceremonies after programming by society and 'friends' that they are essentially inadequate but for a small fee handing your inner psyche over to a plant and a sham-man….life WILL [ perpetual future ] be better.
After the TRIP that RIPS please take in some cool films that will syncrometastise your ME-self to the diVINE entanglement.

Remember to validate your drug-choice repeat the word SACRED - Say Cred or SACRAMENT

Take on Roles when you smoke to validate it as ethno-retrieval magic-memory, download spirit beings which will GUIDE you.

Colora-Doh! Legalisation

Note the long-time-sold expensive accessories , the BONGGGGGG!! Bong for a Belle.

Marijuana is no-ways addictable, maaan!!

Combining the faux-shamano with the wonders of the audio-visual allow me to present -


The burning pipe plays centre stage, held by the very old and wise Gandalf , who suffers no smoking-related health problems. He has created a smoke dragon that lights his pipe, doubtless the dragon of the title codenamed SMAUG, a corruption of the word-sound SMOKE [ SMAUK ]. 'K' in Slavic languages is often pronounced softly to sound as a G.

The Polish for Dragon is SMOK.

Gandalf blows smoke rings which amaze children , a percentage of whom may attempt to make smoke rings themselves with the help of Philip More-Is good, and they will feel companionship with their elders who have fought for years to reclaim their right [ kingdom etc ] back from the evil sorcerers who made their strengthening wonder-weed illegal.

The mass of humanity is represented by the ORCS - ugly, violent, unintelligent

Pipe-weed is a tobacco strain grown by the Hobbits. Many children and teenagers visit enormous screens that have projected on them giant faces of the heroes and villains. The noise and the total immersion of modern High-de[a]f cinema environments replicate immersion in shamanic ritual - words like tobacco-pouch or pipe or smoking can be inserted into the PLOT along with gratuitous images in situ.

Some of the vocabulary and ideas in this post are shamelessly derived from:
"Sciences Predict & Control the Cycles of its Species to improve Human Life"
which Is linked by A13 to this post -

Won't ya hurry
Coz I'm tired of these scenes
For a blue coin
Won't ya bring back
All those colours to my dreams
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
Met a false friend
On a lonely, dusty road
Lost my heart
When I found it
It had turned to dead, black coal
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
You're the answer
That makes my questions disappear
Coz I'm weary
Of these double games I hear"


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shoulder Harms!

The half-reverse Nazi Salute aka La Demi-Quenelle
{Weaponised version}

Friday, November 22, 2013

Caul My Bluff [ Producer's Cut ]

The cladding of WTC buildings resembles the road system in Dallas where JFK was assassinated. Old Court House Road leads into a trinity of roads : Commerce Street, Main Street and Elm Street on which the ritual killing took place. These 3 roads lead to the Triple Underpass.

"The city acquired the Plaza for construction of the Triple Underpass, which opened in 1936 and sits east of the former bed of the Trinity."

AS for the river we see the name Elm reiterated.
"The West Fork and the Elm Fork merge as they enter the city of Dallas and form the Trinity River."

Further on Elm:

Further from McAdams ' Dallas to Dealey' :
"In November of that year [1841], John Neely Bryan, a Tennessee-born lawyer, claimed 640 acres on a bluff overlooking the "three forks" area of the Trinity River in the 5-year-old Republic of Texas. The claim was at the narrowing of a river bend, which Bryan thought would attract settlers seeking to cross, with whom he could trade. The trading post and ferryboat crossing Bryan operated would come to symbolize Dallas' reason-for-being as a commercial, transportation and trade mecca. No one imagined a world-shattering event would also make its way there."

"In November of 1841, one month before his 31st birthday, Bryan, accompanied by a Cherokee named Ned, a dog named Tubby and a horse called Neshoba, returned to the Three Forks area to stay. He came down from Coffee’s Station, a camp on the Red River, using the Republic of Texas approved route (Preston Road), which connected Austin to the Red River. He reached an 18-foot bluff overlooking the Trinity River. The edge of the river at that time flowed just west of the bluff where the Triple Underpass is today, in the flat area just west of Dealey Plaza. His first dugout was where Main St. starts under the Triple Underpass today (of course, the ground was then level with the railroad tracks and Grassy Knoll that are there today)."

He was born on December 24th, 1 month before would be November 24th, the day of Oswald's murder by 'Red' Jack Ruby, 122 years before.

Considering the name-games linked to the assassination [ see Downard & Hoffman's 'King-Kill 33'], the site of the three forks is on a 'bluff', or as McAdams has headed this section ' Bryan's Bluff'.

Bluff - to baffle, mislead. Etymonline tells us that in the 1670's an identical word meant to blindfold or hoodwink.

"Forks" remind one of the popular 'peace' symbol, prominent in the '60s'; looking around it seems that it became popular after Kennedy's death.

"Dohrn was criticized for comments she made about the murders of actress Sharon Tate and retail store owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca by the Charles Manson clan. In a speech during the December 1969 "War Council" meeting organized by the Weathermen, attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn said, "First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate's stomach! Wild!"[20] In greeting each other, delegates to the war council often spread their fingers to signify the fork.[11]

In 2008, Dohrn's husband, Bill Ayers, wrote that Dohrn was being ironic when she made the statement about the Manson murders" Wiki

John Neely Bryan

"In 1849, Byron caught the "gold fever" and headed to California for a year. Before leaving, he sold the land that would later be the site of the Texas School Book Depository. Unable to strike gold, Bryan returned to Dallas disillusioned, took to drinking and shot a man in 1855; believing the man had died, Bryan fled the town for six years.

In 1877, at age 67, Bryan was admitted to the state insane asylum in Austin, where he soon passed away. Perhaps one of the city's first mysteries, Bryan's final resting place is not known. His city's most infamous citizen, Lee Harvey Oswald, arguably insane, today lies in an obscure grave in Fort Worth."

In fact the grave is in Arlington , FW while JFK's grave is in Arlington, Virginia.

A pyramid named Fountain Place Tower now overlooks Dealey Plaza. It is the home , among others, of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, which comes from Latin 'tenere' - to hold. When the comapny began it had the initials NME for National Medical Enterprises. It has had a few investigations into its practices over the years.


Replacing the WTC Towers will be a new building that will stand at a height of 1776ft, approximately 541m.

1776 is the date of the Revolutionary War in the US, while over in Europe Adam Weishaupt started the Illuminati.

541, via Hebrew letter-numbers enumerates YShRAL or Israel. Y=10, Sh=300, R=200, A=1, L=30.
It's also the 100th prime number.

In the film about Jewish Organised Crime in the US, 'Once Upon A Time In America' by Sergio Leone, the Robert DeNiro character , David 'Noodles' Aaronson, whose hand is pictured in the screensnap below, places a suitcase of money in a train-station locker -"The boys establish a suitcase money fund, which they hide in a locker at a train station.." Wiki

Locker 541

This is in the 20s or 30s when, historically Mayer Lansky, among others , including Joseph Kennedy, made their money in the age of Prohibition. Some have said that Lansky and other Jewish mobsters donated some of their profits to the setting up of the modern state of Israel.
Allegedly Kennedy and Lansky feuded. Later kennedy became US ambassador to the UK and was eventually recalled due to his reticence to get the US into war against Nazi Germany. One might begin to wonder if Organised crime has far more influence than movies would have us believe. Perhaps even whole countries and their governments fall under the heading of Organised Crime, y'neva' know!

> An Update - On November 26th A Mr.Arnon Milchen announced that as well as his work in Hollywood he also worked as an Israeli spy , allegedly gleaning material pertinent to Israel's Nuclear Programme. Despite his confession though Israel's Nuclear Programme remains 'alleged'.
He produced 'Once Upon a Time in America', so perhaps the addition of Locker 541 was a private joke.He mad e a cameo in the film as a chauffeur. His father owmed a fertilizer business which Milchen turned into a successful chemical company but he has never admitted to using those assets to create explosive devices.

The date 1776 is found on the Eye of Providence and Pyramid symbol aback the dollar, and thus would imply a connexion between Israel and the brick-borne cyclops [psyops].

911 via the letter-numbers = RAShYTh , a word meaning ' beginning', 'outset', 'origin', 'source' and via biblical or talmudic, ' first fruits' or 'first harvest'.
The first word of the Torah is 'BRAShYTh , berashyt' , translated as ' In the beginning'. As B means 'In' , then 911 seems to imply something got 'out'.
911 is dutifully twinned and the official date of the Fall of the Berlin Wall is November 9th, 1989 which is the European 911. And, one presumes, something got 'out' there too.

There are 12 years between 1989 and 2001 , the number implying a full astrological cycle, as well as a variety of other symbolic systems.

The secret service agent famously clambering on the back of JFK's limousine went by the name Clint Hill whose name almost twins Hilary Clinton, the wife of Bill Clinton. Both are Democrats as was JFK and appear to have replaced the Kennedy clan as the ruling dynastic family of the Democratic side of US politics.

Some reading here:

Some say the last obstacle to Mrs Clinton's road to the Whitehouse was John Kennedy Jr., who died on July 16th 1999, the same day that 'Eyes Wide Shut' , a film by Stanley Kubrick alluding to nefarious goings-on among the power structures, was released. On the same day in 1945 the Trinity atomic bomb was detonated, in 1969 the moon-launch, or a rocket thrust in the vague direction of the Moon, delivering a trinity of astronauts to the Moon's orbit, 2 making it to the surface, apparently landing near a bluff on the lunar surface and planted a US 'Stars and Stripes' and a flag dedicated to Freemasonry. The alleged trigger-book for assassins, ' Catcher in the Rye ', by JD Salinger, was also published on July 16th, 1951

Should Clinton get elected President in 2016 that would be 99 years after the beginning of communism in the USSR - 99 = 9x11 :}

Mason's Bluff looms over an astronaut saluting from the Sea of Tranquility

The flag has 50 stars and 13 stripes , 50+13=63

Did they actually touch down on the moon and return courtesy of the Xmas present-type transport device to the right of this photo or not is a subject of some controversy. Well it was , until we set down on Mars meaning that , yes , we must have gone to the Moon since we've made it to Mars, which is further.

If anyone does feel slightly uneasy about that lunatic conspiracy then this phrase may help:

" The Moon landings were real but all the evidence was faked "