Saturday, October 6, 2007

Black and Yellow

or maybe Gold. Nevertheless the hum of Melissan influence pollenating bloglife necessitates a glimpse into those frequencies known as Black and Yellow, or Gold [ other lingually-generated thought and phenomena recognition symbols will prove useful - Schwarz, Jaune, Or,Noir]
Saturn and Sol orbit into view - Before MarkSt.Clair's renewal programme initiated a discussion about a new star , it could be Saturn or Jupiter.This linked to 2001. It made me wonder as to the formation of stars, a Bucky-Fuller inspiredea , the planets attract the radiating stardust, until they reach a critical mass-path stage which could correspond with the alchemical Nigredo, and then starburst. Its * we * all stars.
We humes = planet so no missing out when we go, it all goes when we and it go or glow
Sol spins from the centre and Saturn seems fairly peripheral. Its black chronology, Sol's daily renewal.
Black and Gold appear floating on the Thamesis at Labyrinth of the Psychonaought, Anubis shaped. Checker of the Dead
Buzzing helicopters
Through SY the tarot attributions =
Saturn - B - 2 - The Universe-World
Sol - K - 20 - Sun
Both deal with 2 - the archetypal container-dwelling and its existential projection 20 - physical structures. The 20 grows around as the arkeytypal emerges in complement to 2s enclosing of Aleph
22 = The alephbeyt - timeless yet its ever-immanent nature renews
The black and gold colour the New Orleans Saints, old hives washed away, what of new housing ideas , like houses that f*****king float for fox sake[ 5 stars for a 5star fuck-up], which brings me to Bucky-Fuller's domes dwellings, many with that hexagonal jix all ova writ. The Pentagons help the system close back in on itself, otherwise those sixagrams wouldn't build anything but a hive, and I don't be no bee , ne sireee. Thus we need a quick 5=6 festival or ritual, or both , get into dome-life, no piped-in doolally, Bernoulli effect . I want all that naturally-occurring laws o' Universe , no irksome overheads or mad-add-on industries frequency modulated life with style
One of the domes had the name Fly's Eye Dome
We can chain them on extendo-chains by Mattel when the 40days of climate change occurs, follow currents, feel the wind , travel along ocean currents, perhaps even Dive Dive Dive capabilities
Humans in Universe
The flag of St.David or Dewi sant, black ground with a gold cross. The other welsh flag = The Red dragon.
What of the Red Bees , an organ of the BeeBeeSea , to be found in Newspaceman's most recent. Brentford Football Club sport the nickname The Bees and wear a red+white strip. My great-grandparents had a house in Brentford in Holland Road or Holland Park road. They sold some land to a cement company there. Mr.Southwell may have info on the wonders of Brentford.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, on the subject of red bee, I found this comic book superhero.


FilmNoir23 said...

Lovely...have missed your glue!

Also, the Saints play in THE SUPERDOME and have the fleur-de-lis as their symbol. Lost to the "Bears" (see Hoi Polloi) last year that kept them from the Superbowl...This year, have yet to win a game thus far.

The whole thing was rigged.

FilmNoir23 said...

Oh, and Georgia Tech in Atlanta...Black & Gold known as the Yellow Jackets...Beehold

FilmNoir23 said...

Oil is also known as Black Gold

David said...

Bringing in BFC ... a masterstroke.

aferrismoon said...

Great comments, great info, in such short order, incl- the mysteriosity of David, urging to investigate Brentford even if only to check out the family history. It reminds me that my grandfather supported Brentford and his dog was called Griffin - Brentford paly at Griffin Park .
i wrote to HP last week on the subject of HoneyBear and its name in Czech - medved which translates as Honey [Med] and Science [Veda]. Finding that the Czechs use the word VEDA for science = some guys know religion and science = inseparable

realm said...

Black and gold were my high school teams colors 'San Pedro Pirates',uniforms just like the NFL's
Pittsburgh Steelers.

aferrismoon said...

Steelers and Pyramidirates