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Shockwaves from explosions resonate far longer in the mind than in the physical event.

The 9/11 explosions still have direct effect on public perceptions and their inherent will.
The hundreds of explosions in Iraq and Afghanistan get reported but 'seem' internationally to dissipate except in a local scenario.
Perhaps the lack of input into the World-Around Media output with regards to the general Iraqi and Afghani residents influences this 'rapid dissipation'.

Thus the WAM acts as an amplifier of targeted events that will most economically manage global humanity.

Humans use word-image symbols much like a keyboard creates programmes for a computer to fulfil.

The 'keyboard' has a memory-function. Symbols criss-cross through time and space. Time and space do net get writ in stone, they/it seem to work fluidly , finding a path of least resistance - which may be why the Progs-That-Be don't have to lock everyone inside real prison cells, that would create a resistance that would stop things getting done. Even for the 'ubergang' , if it exists, many functions need mass human activity, input, inspiration , engineering. Were the mass of humanity not needed fairly simple WMDs have been invented , and possibly, deployed, and humes , especially the city-dwellers could have been physically killed off.
The human-soul-energy might get:
i) Easily collected and 'used' for a soul-machine
ii) Reabsorbed into Universe for further uses
iii) Managed by the 'entity' that it 'belongs' to.

The use of soul-NRG may require then a discorporate entity of sorts that interacts with that form of NRG as humans find it easy to interact with embodied things.

NRG 'Giants' composed of soul-matrices may get grafted onto a central-memory-intelligence core.

The vortex-thrall known as the WTC attacks, which include the ramming of the Pentagon and the free-fall near Philly have garnered attention across all cultures in a way other bombings [ even Hiroshima and Nagasaki] have not. H & N did not have the 'friendly' status that NY does, while the WAM was not in full effect and saw no reason to create too much empathy for Nippon.

Anyhow lots of souls swiftly disconnected from human form - NRG doesn't just 'go away' as Universe = Finite.
Many assume/accept Universe as 'Infinite' , thus may have less 'control' of their non-corporeal selves.

Same with big 'losses' by the Banks , the NRG didn't disappear, though it proves difficult to 'see'

Universe uses many signs and signals, numbers and symbols, accidentally or otherwise, in the description of the events.


Sapphire in hebrew uses the same charcters as the word for Book - Sephir , as in Sepher Yetzirah

I include a key for the letter-numbers at the end -

911 - RAShYTh , a beginning in Hebrew.
The 1st word of Torah = BRAShYTh, translated as 'In [the] beginning'
Thus what was IN has now got OUT

In-Out, In-Out , Shake it all about

911 = Prime number

The SALOMON BROS. Building


11 = AY - Island , the WTC complex attacks took place on Manhattan Island.

A & Y, 1 & 10 = Aleph and Yud. Yud = projection of timeless Alef which forms existence. Life-death .v. continuity. Via tarot they are represented by the FOOL and HERMIT. The Hermit's lantern contains the Alef. A.Y. = short for ARTz YShRAL - Land of Israel

77 = OZ - a goat; strength
= MGDL - a tower

Dropped its load on old Nagasaki

93 = MGN - a shield, disc [ MGN DVD = Hebrew that translates as ' Star of David]
= Crowley used Greek Gematria to get 'Agape' -love and 'Thelema' - will to both = 93
Together they = 186 = QVPh = back of head; simian [ used as an insult by some fanatical Rabbi's against those not as fanatical].
It corresponds to Tarot card 19 - MOON, which traditionally has the image of Two Towers upon it.
TzBA - an army, throng, assembly

175 = QDMAL-Spirit of Venus. QDM = East . Numerically ADM = 1+4+40/600
while QDM = 100+4+40/600. Definitely a relationship between the two formulae, perhaps related to the planet MADYM-Mars which is positioned in the East in the Qabbalistic Cube of Space. Suares claims that MADYM is symbolic of our future.
NPhYLH - fall, collapse, downfall
YNYQH - suction

3WTC aka Marriot WTC also got destroyed on 9/11. It looks like it will get rebuilt - address =

19 = the complement of hijackers reported as carrying out the operation.
19 = ChVH - Eve; to manifest; shew forth
The 19th Tarot card = MOON

The Moon card here shows 'twin towers' and a pensive face , not wholly unlike the worshipper pictured.


217 = The order of their falling, T2, T1, B7.
Via Hebrew = DBVRH - 'devorah' - a bee and the only female of the JUDGES. She followed on from ShMShVN-Samson who destroyed a temple dedicated to Dagon. He found bees and honey in the carcass of a lion he had killed.
DBVRH has a commander called BRQ - lightning.
[WrongWayWizard in his latest saga-city 'The Red-Headed Cinema' writes about 217's significance]

The proposed replacement Tower = 1776ft tall, which = 541.3248m

The Greek gematria for 'Jesus' = 888 which x2 = 1776, an important year in the formation of the USA.

Jesus Christ - is corrupted from the Greek - Iesous Xristos, so the Greek initials give IX.
IX as Roman numerals = 9 and reversed = 11

541 = YShRAL-Israel

Using a tarot order acc. to Suares
T = 9 = Strength = Leo
K = 11 = Sun = Sun
T & K added together acc. to their numerical value gives 29 , which ain't too far from 911, in a sort of add 'em up and stick 'em back in different order kindofaway.

The Sun rules the sign Leo. Crowley had Leo rising when born. He was known as 'The Beast'. Whatever one may think of his 'work' he has become ' as famous as the Beastles'

I care to believe that Al.Crowley deliberately falsified the order of the Tarot, possibly one reason why he belittled the 'benighted' Hebrews publicly, while engaging Israel Regardie as his 'secretary'. Despite his apparent 'anti-semitism' his books get published by Wieser.
Reading Crowley it may be noted that one book refers the reader to another and that other to another and on and on, so a grand bit of marketing - product indispensibility.


T = TYTh = 'serpent' , its shape shows the open serpent/lion/basilisk mouth , though it should be rotated 90degrees. It's clear on the RiderWaite version.
Its value = 9
Numbers 1-9 represent 'archetypes'

K = KPh = ' palm' and 'fist' . It has 2 forms and the shapes imply each form.
Its values = 20 and 500
Numbers 10 - 90 represent 'existential states'
ך כ

The 10th card = Y = Hermit, representing time, the projection of the 'timeless' ALPh-Fool into existence
Y = YVD = 'hand', its form looks sperm-like. Both hand and sperm create.
Its value = 10

To da Suite?

Depends on the Weather, Maaan!

9112001 = 19x479579
479579 = 19x25241
25241 = 43x587


Devin in comments points out that Flight 587 crashed in Queens on Nov 11, 2001, the second most deadliest aircrash in US history after Flight 191,

The number 19 crops up twice

And as such the number 19 for the hijackers DIVIDES the Twin Towers on a date that divides by the 8th prime number - 9/11/2001.
It divides in to a number releasing 45 - ADM and 2 x 79 , which enumerate YAChYN & BOZ , the twin pillars.

And as such the number 19 for the hijackers DIVIDES the Twin Towers on a date that divides by the 8th prime number - 9/11/2001.
It divides in to a number releasing 45 - ADM and 2 x 79 , which enumerate YAChYN & BOZ , the twin pillars.

47 = number of structural columns supporting each building, as well as the number of storeys in the Salomon Bros. building

79 = enumeration of YAChYN and BOZ, Iacheen and Boaz, the titles of the 2 pillars used in Masonry. They seem to imply opposite currents

45 = ADM , the first human, a template for mankind. The ADM does not have a physical presence
19 = 8th Prime
43 = 14th Prime
47 = 15th Prime
79 = 22nd Prime
541 = 100th Prime
587 = 107th Prime
[1 not included as Prime]

Using the Tarot order favoured by Carlo Suares
A = 1 / Fool / Air
D = 4 / Blasted Tower / Mars
M = 40/600 / HangingMan / Water

The ADM has a deal to do with 'beginning' - RAShYTH/911.

BRAShYTh - ' In the beginning' created the Eloheem who in turn formed Adam in their own image. Most disregard the 'In the beginning' as a literary opening when its a energy formula that 'creates'.
'In the beginning' of what exactly?
As an unthinkable thought it tends to confuse leading to dismissal or blind belief.

The attack was an air-attack
They blasted the Towers
People fell from the buildings like the figures from the Tower's Tarot image
One shot had a man falling in a position close to the image of the Hanging Man

The Tower and Hanging Man cards both share 4s as D = 4 and M = 40, the 3rd of the series = The High Priestess - 400.

DM = 44 / Blood
MTh = 440 / Death

The 3 together give DMTh , which looks like DMT, a powerful hallucinogen, and the 9/11 business deals with altering public perception on a massive scale.


The Golden Dawn and A.Crowley's reordering provide very different 'readings' and symbolic apprehending. They deliberately muddy the waters. Their Fool with 0 proves , in the main, popular, which then puts the 'images' ahead of the Hebrew alephbeyt, and thus pervades the world with the cult of 'Form over Essence' leading to a 'shell-life' - qliphotic perhaps.

GD and Crowley seem like the bestsellers of the Tarot and related world.
People believe Crowley received his info from a non-corporeal being [ aka 'invisible'] named Aiwass, which requires not proof but blind faith by adherents of his work.
This doesn't seem too different from the mainstream attitude towards the attacks

Despite drug addiction in Crowley's work and alcoholism in McGregor-Mather's work an astounding amount of time is taken to prop up their findings. Reading some of Crowley's work I do not think that he wholly believed his work. he made no secret of his 'trickiness'. The work has conned many and helped initiate a worldwide occult revolution which has enthralled many, some of whom have great temporal power.
Various cults favouring Crowley's 'Do what thou wilt' programming have formed and again have influence in high places.

It seems that his 'DWTW' has led some to commit murder to push the limits of what they can think and do.
The effect on Jack Parsons, L.Ron Hubbard, K. Anger, and all the cults initiated because of his 'openness' and 'fashionable' status have influenced the general public to such an extent that its not unusual for a group of kids [ yes , little goats] to call up a demon and imagine that they control it, a talsimanic baseball cap, or team shirt.

The influence on the movie industry - the blockbuster sound&vision total immersion with talismanic dolls provided by McDees - kino-bonding

Crowley had poetic ability that impressed a wealth of people.
Frieda Harris' artistic contribution helped elevate the cards with her modern, haute cartoon style

He 'invoked' the Whore of Babylon , respelling it to enumerated the same as Zion

BABALON 2+1+2+1+30+70+50 = 156
TzYVN 90+10+6+50 = 156
156 = 12x13
The 156th Prime number = 911

I find it difficult to believe that the 911 attacks were based on their synchronicity with Hebrew letter-numbers, yet those 'words' and 'numbers' do remain consistent.
That 911 should 'translate' as BEGINNING
19 as the number of hijackers and a divisor of the date 9112001 [ as a single number]
77 - a Tower
93 - MGN , 'magan' a shield, but notably translated as 'the star ' of David. Also a word meaning 'an army'
175 - words meaning 'collapse' and 'suction'
That the once-named 'Freedom Tower' will reach a height that in metres is the number that = YShRAL-Israel, and that this height in feet corresponds with the year of the 1st Independence Day for the US in 1776, itself formed by 2x888


The design of the Twin Towers resembles the road system in and around DEALEY PLAZA , Dallas where JFK died

A - Fool - Air - 1 - א
B - World - Saturn - 2 - ב
G - Wheel - Jupiter - 3 - ג
D - Tower - Mars - 4 - ד
H - Emperor - Aries - 5 - ה
V/W - Hierophant - Taurus - 6 - ו
Z - Lovers - Gemini - 7 - ז
Ch - Chariot - Cancer - 8 - ח
T - Strength - Leo - 9 - ט

Y/I/J - Hermit - Virgo - 10 - י
K - Sun - Sun - 20/500 - כ
L - Adjusting - Libra - 30 - ל
M - Hanging Man - Water - 40/600 - םמ
N - Death - Scorpio - 50/700 - ןו
S - Tempering - Sagittarius - 60 - ס
O - Devil - Capricorn - 70 - ע
Ph - Empress - Venus - 80/800 - ףפ
Tz - Star - Aquarius - 90/900 - ץצ

Q - Moon - Pisces - 100 - ק
R - Magus - Mercury - 200 - ר
Sh - Judging - Fire - 300 - ש
Th - High Priestess/Veil - Moon - 400 - ת

500 - 900 manifest 'beyond the veil'

2 sets of 11
3 sets of 9

Crowley wrote thus:

'How wonderful is the Qabalah!How great is its security from the profane; how splendid its secrets to the initiate!
Verily and Amen! yet here we are at the old dilemma , that one must know Truth before one can rely upon Qabalah to show Truth.
Like the immortal burglar :
"Bill wouldn't hurt a baby - he's a pal you can trust,
He's all right when yer know him; but yer've got to know 'im fust"

Rock 'the' Hudson

"Close the Door, isis"

Photos whipped off Adam Curtis' - 'It Felt Like a Kiss'

"Papa was a rolling stone
Where he left his cap was his stone"


FilmNoir23 said...

This is one of the best, and most comprehensive symbolic breakdowns of 911 as related to WTC I have ever seen.

This is the kind of post that I will be printing out, adding to my notes, and using as a reference.

I REALLY like this.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Tod

I was going to add some of Crowley's stuff from the 3rd chapter of his 'Book of the Law'
which contains stuff about getting an island and dunging it about with enginery of war and other 'relevant' passages.

In one way it may be that however complete the 'conspiracy' things leak through by any means possible.

Had to stem the flow to stop it from getting too convoluted

Please use as u see fit


FilmNoir23 said...

Tweaking it with some of that Crowley would be awesome...but I certainly applaud you for not over-doing it!

GREAT effort on this day of high energy.

skrambo said...

I agree with Todd 100%.

This post will take me a few readings to even begin to grasp.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers T, just ride with it. Numbers seem quite 'clean'.

Will try to tweak it , depending on Internet connexion availability

The Weathermen , which included the 'terrorist' associated with Obama, don't have the name , appears to have some kinda his'try


Ishmael said...

I've given up trying to comprehend that day.

This is fascinating stuff. Very interesting.

What does your cosmology look like?
I think that is the post that I'm interested in. You show us the seams, but now what does it mean? You did a heck of a job spelling out the syncs from an esoteric system I have not considered. It is interesting, but not my cup of tea--I think.

So who is running the fuck?

Is this knowable?
I think I'll have to read this again.
Nicely done.

Ishmael said...

Maybe you do spell out your cosmology.

aferrismoon said...

Ishmael [ salaam aleikum. hopr ramadan goes well

The numbers and letters equal each other . leave them alone , detribalised and they hang around and connect for as long as it takes

I have only 'found' these 'fossils' , possibly, and try to present them so that if they integrate with parts of 'your story' they will augment it and give it further impetus

Comprehending the day - but it seeps


Eugene said...

Hierosolyma Est Perdita,

Aferris, this is a very good piece.

The intrigue on this is metered out. What could such a thing be?

Whatever is "inside" and "outside" the 22 and their play with the rota or taro is indeed beyond comprehension. It is is.

Somethings to share a one and and a two

Would like input as you clearly have eyes.

Eugene said...

Sorry, here is one

aferrismoon said...

Hi Eugene

'fraid it doesn't show me anything. I downloaded plug-ins but it said 'no suitable plug-ins found'

Not really a computer whizz so don't know how to get round it.

Rota-Taro - inner space to outer space

Maybe like Downard's 'twilight language' - say certain things to the dreaming mind and it eventually unfolds into the concensus reality'

Note the time of my post before your first post and then look at the time of your 2nd


suki said...

Really really good stuff. Thank you.

There has been quite a lot of 9/11 coverage on british tv these days. I kept thinking that it would be nice if equal coverage was given to the ongoing genocide happening in Palestine, Iraq and afghanistan. You know, 24 hours media coverage of dismembered babies' limbs, roasted bodies, bulldozers erasing homes and burning crops, whole villages flattened and mass graves otherwise called "collateral damage".

But i guess that would defeat the purpose.

aferrismoon said...

cheers Suki

I do tune into a variety of blogs that do elucidate the ongoing mental and physical slaughter of groups and individuals irrelevant to the needs of those who may be NWO
-Aangirfan, who also has a plethore of links, is an example.

Anyhow I CAN do this and no-one else that I know is doing it. Many researchers have investigated relaity-based technical things which will prove important in the eventual 'truth' or accurate facts of this act. I don't have the wherewithal for that so I hope this helps 'complete' the investigations, even though I recognise it may seem highly irrelevant to many.

Best leave those arms and legs and mutilations to directors such as QTarantino etc. If it were on the news it would 'damage' children.


suki said...

Yes, God forbid that children see limbs. A constant loop of exploding towers and bodies falling are ok though.

wise woman said...

Really enjoyed the deep, contemplative trail blaze.
The twinning of Dealey Plaza & the gridiron of the Towers was almost poetical.

The falling man image has been a most successful 'marketing job' & as with all marketing, only the best angle will do. I watched a documentary about this image last year & my view radically changed. Until then, what I had seen in that picture was an heroic gesture of tragedy, a graceful acceptance of the inevitable. In (whatever may be) reality, there are a series of photos of this 'Hanged/falling man' & what they show is a human being hurtling out of control to his death - in a very great sense that picture is a huge lie (not of course that 'truth' was ever on the menu).


Vapo said...

Excellent that EXCEPTIONAL!! Two thumbs up!

When I saw the falling man picture I instantly thought of the Hanging man.

Lastly and completely off per Lady Gaga(trying to rebuild my Red/White/Black data base I lost.. what are you thoughts if you find time..



aferrismoon said...

Yeah Alex, I find the DP and the WTC overly similar, and of course in plain sight.

The man falling, I almost think that he 'controlled' himself.

Though I haven't seen the info that you had - p'raps a wee link

Vapo - good too read u again. have to put the link back up

Gaga - face like the financial crisis. But defo designed to derange.

Only looked at the photos so far.

The word PRO-STITUTE comes from Latin - to stand out in front


Alex Robinson said...

Here's a link to what I think is the same dvd I watched

The entire sequence of shots paints a very different picture

The Celtic Rebel said...

Love that first pic. Love it! Oddly, I'm looking at the symbolic 19th man in my post in progress. Also, considered looking at delay plaza as synced with the murder of a character in South Park, but opted to stay out of that hole. Good stuff here.

aferrismoon said...

Thanks Alex , will attempt download

Celt - The pic is from a Law and Order episode from last year. Everyone is watching the Blob when a fire starts and they all run out at the same time thepeople in the Blob run out.
DELAY plaza , neat typo. makes me think Obama maybe ought to avoid DALEY PLAZA


aferrismoon said...

Thanks Alex , will attempt download

Celt - The pic is from a Law and Order episode from last year. Everyone is watching the Blob when a fire starts and they all run out at the same time thepeople in the Blob run out.
DELAY plaza , neat typo. makes me think Obama maybe ought to avoid DALEY PLAZA


Devin said...

aferrismoon-really just came over to say "hi" and hope you are doing well in CZ!! this was a fascinating article and I learned a lot-I always enjoy your interest in numbers and what they represent-interesting in what 44 represnts because Obama is 44rth prez-altho 43 in actual number of course. I would also print this out if I had any damn printer ink along with alex's latest article-perhaps folks will let me next time I am over there-I think I mentioned flight 587 here long ago-not sure-but I saw it in your rows of numbers and if memory serves that is the flight that crashed on its way to the Dominican Republic from JFK on 12 November 2001-will look up to make sure I've got it right-best as always!!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Devin , I had an trace-mem of 587 but couldn't place it.

Will look it up forthwith.

Cz is great , temperatures still in 70s

Lots of autumn fruits ripening , a bounteous time