Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And They Call It Puppy Love

At Virginia Tech two more young lives on the cusp of maturity depart - their names :

.............Somewhere under the Rainbow.............



Dr. Harford , attempts, to keep the hard rain from a fallin' on his noggin. Finally he must bow to it.

Umbra = Shadow

In connexion with a report of a PHILIP GARRIDO of ANTIOCH, Ca. who captured and kept JAYCEE LEE DUGARD in 1991 until she was found a few days ago, living in a garden complex at Garrido's house with their children.

Antioch's city emblem resonates with the yacht PANIC II , that may have transported MM away from Praia de Luz.{Lose}

[Apologies for the word-play , but I caught both articles consecutively,]

METZ - a city in Lorraine, France, on the Moselle river.

The event garners the McCanns, parents of MADELEINE McCANN with new hope that perhaps MM will return home.

A few days ago I picked up on the story concerning the boat PANIC II , which may have transported Madeleine McCann from Praia de Luz to a port in Holland. My fertile imagination connected the route of the MV Arctic Sea , a Maltese-registered Russian-crewed ship on its way to Algeria that apparently disappeared after passing through the English Channel.
I posited that the 2 vessels had travelled in the 'opposite' direction.

Then I read this at THE WHISTLER - Tony Bennet Claims -Michael Shrimpton Speaks to MM Forum -28.08.2009

Excerpt of Todays Report by Michael Shrimpton
from Missing Madeleine Forum

"The shameful trade of children out of Sao Paolo all but stopped whilst replacement surface vessels were modified (allegedly one was the MV Arctic Sea) . We failed to save little Madeleine but the exposure of the DVD's paedophile networks may have saved hundreds of young lives. Every serious law enforcement agency in the world now knows that organised crime is organised by states."

Apparently it's very difficult to decide on what constitutes disinformation, incorrect information, accurate information and of course the whole lot weaved together syndrome.

As a superficial internet 'researcher', text-collector, I don't pretend to have any in-depth knowledge of any of these cases, though , managed to connect the MV ARCTIC SEA with the Madeleine case, which is then 'semi-confirmed' by a supposed Brit-Intel employee.
Perhaps they have a machine that trawls through the info and connects things that seem plausible

Dependent on LSD? Developing a Traumnovelle.


The Hidden Child
"The shocking rape case provided an early glimpse into the criminal exploits of Garrido, who is accused of snatching 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard from a South Lake Tahoe bus stop and holding her captive for 18 years."

"Garrido served 10 years in the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., before being granted parole. He then served seven months for the rape conviction in a Nevada prison before being granted an early release in August 1988. Less than three years later, he allegedly kidnapped Jaycee.
It's not clear why he did not do more time with such long prison sentences."
"In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the 'breaking point' of humans. (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute."

Garrido was let out as part of this experiment. the neighbours reported him to the police, calling him psychotic, as well as reporting about the children in the back. The police never went before the front door. This 'scares the fuck ' out of people when they report crimes like this and nothing happens but they can still get along with their daily routines. Doubtless, the fears will come out in needless squabbles, perhaps some domestic disturbance leading to an arrest, lack of concentration while driving, working etc., watching anything on the telly to distract oneself.....

"He [ Lewin] studied the use of terror to achieve mind control. "
Short sentences were handed out to pedophile DuTroux, who also kept children in his converted cellar to sell on to an alleged pedo-ring run by and for well-off and influential types primarily in Belgium but also internationally.
DuTroux claims 2 police officers helped him kidnap a child.
The DuTroux case seems like a nationwide mind-control experiment, that has been documented, recorded and may well lead to further ignored atrocity . With most legal avenues 'blocked' some in the masses may commit 'crimes' in frustration which will lead to their arrest, incarceration and some level of abuse, as well as family members suffering from the loss.


A foto, below, from Kosmikon, a bit shocked at what's on sale to very young children.
This one from Elluminati , youth-influencing , trained since birth - Miley Cyrus.

The Pole is a phallus , the girl dances all around the phallus and the male onlooker approves by putting amounts of money into her underwear, should she be clothed.
Teachers, like Miley , teach girls how to get attention. Miley is under 18. U-18s are not allowed in pole-dancing clubs. Miley encourages underage girls to get attention by using their bodies. She also teaches boys what to expect of girls and later women.

Further synchs - Garrido took Jaycee DuGard , against her will, in the South Lake Tahoe area, which is a place resonant with the infamous Zodiac Killer

Both had extensive, long-term accommodation for the abducted, hidden from view. Nevertheless , only last week, after busting someone's house, police didn't take long to suss out the underground 'greenhouse'. A few clues around the house and experienced cops realised that the guy must have something stashed somewhere. His 230 or so plants were found and this cultivator will be swiftly dealt with.
Not so in the DuTroux case - police heard screams but after a cursory search decided that there was no further need to investigate. the children in the hidden cellar were later murdered. Perhaps it was from outside.
Children were heard over a long period of time by neighbours, though, despite his convictions for rape , he was not searched , in the same thoughtful and investigative way the marijuana cultivator was.
I do not advocate using marijuana but let's get our priorities in order.
"A defense expert, Dr. Charles B. Kuhn, testified that Garrido was dependent on both LSD and marijuana, and did not have adequate control to conform his conduct."
Dependent on LSD - really?
A lot of new strains of marijuana have been developed in Holland, among other places

Garrido seems to have woken up to what he has done. Perhaps possible partners-in-crime have decided incarceration and a confusing trial [ guilty plea, please] will muddy the waters and it'll all go away.
The 'lone' pedo [ + compliant wife], like the 'lone' gunman, will take centre-stage again, despite the logistics and financing of imprisoned children.

'Is that an organ transplant or are u just pleased to see me'
'Well U r a doctor'

This from the LAS VEGAS SUN, Gregory Crofton: Wed., Nov 15, 2000

"But did this terrifying murderer ever come to South Lake Tahoe? Since August, South Lake Tahoe Police Detective Tom Conner has gone over a report compiled by Harvey Hines, a 66-year-old investigator from Groveland, Calif., who claims Donna Lass was kidnapped and murdered by the Zodiac.

Hines, a retired policeman whose been investigating the case since 1973, became interested in South Shore after the Zodiac sent a postcard to media that stated he had claimed his 12th victim in the Tahoe area. He soon found two supplemental South Lake Tahoe Police reports filed March 25, 1970, that piqued his interest."

The Zodiac Killer[s?] could have been a member of the 'mind-controlled' FAMILY apparently managed by Charlie Manson. Their M.O. , though, seemed to be about ritualized murder , politrickery, a kind of chaos club. Nevertheless they bleed into Polanski's film 'Rosemary's Baby' which in turn bleeds through into 'connected' Satan worship , children born on 'auspicious' dates and 'beyond the limits of the ordinary mind' blood-sex ritual . Kubrick's SOS 'Eyes Wide Shut' gives a hefty nudge in the ribs though he splits the sex-ritual club and the promiscuous 14-year old who will do 'favours' , into 2 separate scenes.

Pedophile Rings, child-abductors and the like , seem far more organised and in it for the long-term, appear financially well-off. They deal , allegedly, with the highest and lowest.

'Eyes wide shut' describes the whole business explicitly.
It was released on July 16th 1999. Stanley Kubrick passed on 10 days later.

Violence, dissonance, and a form of psychic driving has increased over the years in the films, series and serial pop-band-video-personae produced for mainstream consumption.

But as the JAM once sang-
'That's enter-tain-ment'


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Saw Eyes Wide awhile ago on HBO... Wife thought I was crazy as I got excited at the costume shop being called Rainbow... I swear if you would have written this before then, I wouldn't have got as much out of it... I Love how this all fits together... Thankyou.

FilmNoir23 said...

GREAT! The Jam indeed! Was just listening to them night before last and also reflecting on just how good "Eyes Wide Shut" actually turned out.

aferrismoon said...

Hadn't seen EWS before and was spurred on by WrongWayWiz's explorations

Re: the Rainbow - mr.Kubrick apparently didn't make random choices, and as such with this MKUltra vileness I wonder if he wasn't trying to open people's eyes

The Jam - no frills.

Added a little bit more, before and after the Rainbow pic.
Dr.Harford trying with all his might to keep the rain off his head


Anonymous said...

Interesting connections.

- Aangirfan

Alex Robinson said...

Well said Aferrismoon
& as to this "As a superficial internet 'researcher', text-collector, I don't pretend to have any in-depth knowledge of any of these cases" - well it seems to me that those with 'indepth knowledge' turn out to be as useless or 'contained' as the legal 'forces.' Seems to me the open eyes of amateurs are the greatest hope for putting an end to this sort of atrocity.

I just can't believe that pole dance 'toy'.

Very interesting connections.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aangirfan - the idea of Lockerbie gradually merging into the Dutroux affair shows the 'depth' of conspiracy [ conspiracy = people 'breathing together']
For 'us' it looks complex, for 'them' , well I guess they have alternative 'filing systems'
Thanks for your work.

Alex - I guess that = over-specialization, where we turn into beings that can exist in only very specific environments, like certain plants and insects.
scurry , scurry

The pole-dancing toy seems to be 'bait'. Is anyone really going to buy it. I mean what does it say about the mentality of the 'team' who put it together.
But if u deny the 9/11 official story your'e a loon

beggars belief


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, have a look at this ,
it regards an artist and his potrayal of Josef Fritz.


nb, have a few probs at mo.