Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where HOpe has soared, BeHOld! The New Clear Dawn!!

Light speed + Number x Thought / Word = human , the letter/number made flesh in a flash. Flesh = Fleche in French = arrow>>>Flash = Flasche = Flask/Bottle in German OOO.
Planet eXPress ship soars to Ground Zero
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The Beetle Khepera traversed the dark TUAT[2@], Egyptian Innerworld. This Beetle the Scarab holds the word crab, car, arc, a wistful barac, while Hebrew calls the Skorpion OQRB [ though pronouncing the final B as a V] which 'looks' like Crab. The Czech word 'krabice' translates as 'box' , these crustaceans and beetles with exoskeletons appear box-like.
OQRB >< BRQ-O [ in this case BRQ would translate as 'lightning' , even though Barack probably = BRK , a blessing ,[ BRK = 2+200+20=222]
The latin for chest = ARCA from which we can get 'box' and the idea of a 'bow'- ARC/ARK, so Khepera = Ark , the Covenant the bow of the sun arcing across the sky. The Heart resides in the chest.


"It is only when we lose the cherished present, that it looms up through the
mist of time as a glorious past..." [ from Capt. JFC Fuller , Star in the West]


Everything happens in a Flasche!

A modern Beetle-Bomb - the Trinity A-Bomb awoke on July 16[2x8] , 1945 [ at 5:29:45], under Truman, the 33rd President of USA.

The 35th [ 3+5=8] = JFK,elected Nov 8th, 1961 [ Obama's birth year, apparently], assassinated on Nov.11th 1963, 18 years after Trinity. As JFK = Sun King, the assassination fulfilled certain Masonic requirements acc. to the KING KILL 33 essay by J.S.Downard. below we see him with MLK - 'Malik' in Semitic translates as King. So A Sun King and a Dark Star or perhaps Moon, King. MLK = 90 [ hebrew letter/numbers] which = Tz = The Star tarot card


The 2 figures MLK + JFK have been used to describe aspects of the 44th President[4+4=8] - Barack Obama, who has received a somewhat Messianic image, elected on Nov 4 , 2008. The twinning continued with running mate Hillary Clinton and JFK's bodyguard Clinton Hill.
1945 - 1963 = 18 yrs [ 2x9]
1963 - 2008 = 45 yrs [5x9]
1945 - 2008 = 63 yrs [7x9]
Obama's election co-insides with Trinity and the Death of the Sun King. The dates '45 and '63 intersplicing with the timespans 63 and 45. 63+45=108=2x2x3x3x3 , a triune duality dance
Each number divides by 9, which may indicate the 9 as a '0-eVent' open frequency between Octave frequencies allowing eVents to occur in time'space.
The changing divisors = 2,5,7 which leads back to the Ark as 257 = ARVN, Hebrew for Ark/Box/Chest. The Ark of the Covenant = ARVN HBRYTh , Eron HaBarayt. BRYTh sounds like 'Bright'


JFK = elected 8/11 , 8x11=88, Obama = elected 4/11 , 4x11=44.
44th President elected on 4/11 , wedded to Michelle , aged 44

............................................BO+OM >
"Laura and I just called to congratulate you and your good bride"
I coulda just said wife but I thought I'd say something wierd as it's such an important occasion.

From the Truman Show to Obamarama = 33 to 44, 12 presidents in all. 33 = GL , a wave while 44 = DM - Blood, creating a blood-wave. Together they form MGDL = A Tower = 77, and considering the Christlike projections with which the Presidents loom, MGDL , as root of Magdalene, seems an appropriate 'sister', for a whore will never become mere wife - Miriam Magdalene , the mirroring psyche.
Trickle OUT , bleed IN
BHO via letter/numbers = 2+5+70 = 77

The Soviets tested their first 'true' Hydrogen bomb on Nov 22, 1955 , 8 years before JFKs death. Called RDS-37 it used a multi-layer,radiation implosion thermonuclear design called Sakharov's 'Third Idea'.


At present the crises , psychic and physical , in part stem from the 'need' for oil and other subterranean fuels.
The Beetle Khepera emerged in 1945 [ K = Sun Card via Sepher Yetsira], and at present looks like the most likely 'way out' of the Oil habit. Acc. to Critical Path, Bucky-Fuller writes that Oil companies had begun their acquisition of many of the world's Nuclear plants as well as planting the nukeclear idea into the minds of the energy-using populus. France has a Nuclear industry that provides approx. 85% of its energy requirements, as well as export. When I was born we lived next to Wylfa Nuclear Power Sta. which is still going after 40 years.

Nibbler's poo = D-ARK Matter [ Nuclear balls - product placement], and shadows the Scarab which , as a Dung-Beetle, pushes its 'dark matter' containing the eggs of its larvae which will transform within - " The animals went in poo by poo" - ark! ark!
This Scarab = Khepera who pushed the sun through the midnight of it's mind into a NU, clear dawn. Perhaps Humans develop in the sun and then 'fly' to earth 'pon the SOLAR rays [ acc. to WWSkeats , solar has it's root in the Greek word for Sirius]
Below Nibbler burps stars [light matter] from his GalacticO, sat upon a Rainbow - IRIS in greek, QShTh800 in Hebrew, the equivalent Of Sagittarius, wearing a triangular cloak aiming at his 3rd eye, like the dollar-bill Pyramid - Energy=Money [ in that both = means of X-CHANGE , da only current see!]
" Spare a paradime, brother?"
The Rainbow shoots forth the triangular cloak-pyramid-arrow to hit the 3rd eye resulting in something irrePARABLE to our Pineal Glands leading to the vomiting of star-dust + the onset of nigredo which turns our shit black and as dense as stellar matter , like drinking Guinness and Ayahuasca

All Hail The New Clear Flesh
[It's bin a whale coming]


Jenn said...

My mom was born in August of 63, and she was a total HO! (being the bastard result of her affair with a married man, i can say that) So she would be 45 this year, and in true Beetlejuice fashion on the greGOREian 11/11 i'm going to use chalk to communicate---"Don't Panic, Make Music!" along with the sheet music to Row, Row, Row your boat :D Thanks very much for the cheer today!

Alex Robinson said...

24 years to the day after the 'big bang', a trio launch for a lunch of greene cheese (albeit 4 days later, that's why it was green).
Thats one small nibble for man one giant picnic for mankind.

aferrismoon said...

Chalk's cool - Rowing a boat seems a great way for gods and goddesses to get around - merrily, merrily, life is but a dream..
They say life's a bitch but I think life's a HO with a bellyful of HoHo!
Row Row Ho Ho Belle and Beau GO Go Go.

Grand info on that landing -
Houston we have a problem!
What's that Eagle 1
No Crackers!!


Devin said...

Aferrismoon, I was so glad to have the time to spend on other sites tonight. This post 'blew' me away. Ever since Obama was elected here, I have been having the craziest feelings and anxiety. I voted for the man. I am detecting something wrong underneath-well everything-to put it mildly. This post especially the numerolgy aspects and other presidents and MLK being involved really helped me as far as where these subconcious feelings of unease might be coming from. I could never be one of you synchromystic people-my brain can make connections just not that fast. Absolutely loved this post and wish you the best-Devin-one more numerology bit-don't know if it means anything 1948 Truman received 303=3+0+3=33 electoral votes/1960 Kennedy received 303=33 electoral votes. Just thought I would mention it-it came to me out of the blue the other day.