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ORCA provides the vessel of the B&W- Light/Dark - it repliKates itself - not through information or in information - but as information. The B&W animal links to PKDick's 'original' appelation for VALIS, that of ZEBRA which as living information 'travels up the optical nerve of a human to the pineal body' [ Oh! Tannenbaum]
He imagined that Zebra had come to our system from somewhere near Sirius and had overthrown Nixon in 1974 resigned on 8/8/1974] , the year Jin Kwon , from Lost, ferried himself into the world
" The name of the healthy twin is NOMMO [ represented in FISH form], hyperuniverse I. The name of the sick twin, hyperuniverse II, is YURUGU.These names are known to the DOGON people of Western Sudan in Africa"
Odd here , as the Dogon have generally been placed in MALI, though apparently coming from Egypt originally.

Daniel DAE [ day ] KIM [K] initiates a long-lost rutual rooted in that expression of radiant life SOL. In the prog he talks to his wife SUN HA KWON [K]in their native Korean [K], pledging thata he'll get her off the island so that she and the baby she carries lives. SUN carries SON.

DDK or JIN KWON [ KK] in the series threatens CHARLOTTE , the rude redhead, as it transpires she has fluent Korean, by promising to break DAN's [ the scientist not Jin's 'real' self] fingers. This would destroy Dan's ability to create the open palm [ closed fist Sun signs, that represent 11:11 if we use the Sepher Yetsira [ SY - SYnching tarot] as K , 11th letter & hebrew character for the SUN card, also means palm and fist. A dumb idea as Dan's technically oriented fingers might get them out of this F-el -IX
This concept I nabbed from CARLO SUARES thoughts on the Tarot.

Here the tubby CHILD supported by the HORSE proffers those sunny palms. Children love horses. The number printed = XIX which normally = 19 [ via Roman numerals] but tweaking it mirror style we can extract XI - XI = 11:11 or alternatively XI - IX = 11 - 9

Written into the text a 'Smiley', as green-eyed , slightly stunned Charlotte discovers DDK/Jin knows her secret. Her flowing red locks combine the FIRE of the furnace with her scientist colleague DAN who , this episode, gets tired of her mouthy attitude, which could get him 'thrown in to the furnace'.
D using Sepher Yetsira = the TOWER card, the SY's 4th card, linking DD to Twin Towers, while the K = 11 . The D = 4 , so 44 or 4+4 = 12,oops! sorry 8

Having dealt with the SUN , the epi moves on to tackle the dying/rising God OSIRIS played this week by JACK the SHEP[H]ARD [ its spelt both ways in this feature].
Jack has had a GUT - feeling for a while [ General Unified Theory] and he succumbs. He wants to stay awake through the whole thing , Juliet will perform the operation [ NEPHTHYS] , and Kate OZ -Tin / AusTin [ KA ] will act as lovely ISIS, she sports a vivifying GREEN to help Jack GROW. BERNARD swoops in as ANUBIS when the need to put Jack to sleep arises.
Set [son], red-coloured] rent Osiris into 14 pieces , in the myth, which Isis collected up, all except the 14th piece, Osiris' member or DIK or COCK. Isis had to artificially create a new one which she erected forthwith and Osiris ROSE again

Here Isis unveiled as KA holds a mirror, so Jack can see the op, but also the we get Osiris 'artificial' dik [ artificial as Jack looks at himself in a mirror]. This phallic image Bernard reinforces with the SYRINGE holding the local anaesthetic, but he also stands in for the CENTURION with the Spear of LONGINUS.
The Operating Theatre has become WOMB/TOMB, all here bears no time, yet once outside the characters may end up anywhere. Jack Osiris has Appendicitis, implying he has a problem with his APPEN-DIX , the DIK thats waiting [ Pending ], but also like a book-appendix something that get's stuck on at the end, as Osiris' member got made last by Isis.
The Lost-makers can't have Kate sewing on Jack's dick so the appenDIKS proves sublime - added on, waiting, though Jack is having his DIK taken out and we see later he becomes HUSBAND [ well engaged] to Kate and by proxy FATHER [ male immaculate conception], though we realise that he is BROTHER to the biological mother of AARON [ though CLAIRE, an AUSSIE/OZZIE, pronounces ERIN, which invoked Irish Green and thence to Joyce and FINNEGANS WAKE where the whole Osiris-Finn cycle continually plays out] Either way AARON/ERIN = a child of OZ and has NO father.
"The Plasmate can cross-bond with a human, creating what I call, a HOMOPLASMATE"
" Against the Empire is posed the living information, the plasmate or physician which we know as the Holy spirit or Christ discorporate "

A couple of posts ago I posited Darth Vadar as Rising God or JC figure or Osirian while in Lost Jack SHEP{H}ARD fills that role , at times. Jack in familyville knocks his toe on one of Aaron's toys, a MILLENIUM FALCON , bringing in Adam Star's new blog called ESOTERIC STAR WARS, as well as Millenium =ing K[1000] _ Horus Falcon - HORUS, the son of Osiris , brother of Set.
The newspaper reads YANKEES BLUDGEON RED SOX IN SERIES SWEEP - The Yankees from NY which dials into OZ and the OZ ritual gets linked to Crowley who yields the Age of HORUS a-coming bludgeoning The RED SOX , representing SET, and that sibling rivalry emerging from Osiris' death.
On a simpler note the Yankees = OZ while the RED SOX act as Dorothy's RED SLIPPERS, which might be how the Lostees zip about so effortlessly.

The 14 'rent' parts of Osiris emerge in Juliets list of medical instruments she asks SUN to get from the island's hospital - Clamps [ eriC LAMPton, character in the film 'Valis'], Sutures [ looks a bit like Saturn though], Gauz[e] pads, Forcepts [ abbrev. for the 4 Precepts], Drapes [ for the Vestal virgins], Refractor, Probes, Antiseptic, Irrigation [ popular in the Nile Valley], Scissors, Sponge, Spreader, Iodine { Element 53 , and 53 = ABN - stone , rock, and GN - Garden , gene] , the last word , the 14th, APPENDED to the list, remains a mystery.

Out of the Green Sawyer finds Aaron, left by Claire , who watched by Miles [ Smile Miles!] wanders off with her and Jack's father in the middle of the night. Sawyer retains the right to fatherhood and gunhood, Miles laconically mumbles and wonders why normal things don't happen anymore.
Back/Forward in USAville Jack gets a script off ERICA rexxing Osiris again as Osiris' coffin got trapped in an Erica bush/tree which provided the mythos for the Egyptian TET [ Upper spine] symbol.
The prescription Jack gets stirs or steers us to H/H Hurley/Hugo

Hurley-Hugo-HORSELOVER FAT perches on his bed in conversation with PKDICK/JACK SHEP[H]ARD. H/H/H ain't taking his meditation and has had converstaions with CHARLIE , who died on the island. PKDICK , in RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH [ one of the VALIS trilogy] converses with his cat CHARLIE, who 'consoles' him through his Valisian episode. He's not Phil in the book he's NICK BRADY, and Phil Dick is Nick The PRICK's [ check the syringe ] friend observing the 'patient'
In VALIS Phil talks to his friend HORSELOVER FAT, who resumes the Nick Brady role of being close friend with Phil [ Horselover = Philip in Greek and Dich = Fat in German]
Hurley gives Jack a note from Charlie , it reads ' Don't RAISE the child!' which prompts Jack to depart
" To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement"

The quotes come from DICK's APPENDIX to Valis which contains the 53 verses of his TRACTATES CRYPTICA SCRIPTURA


Michael Skaggs said...

Holy Kamole' Batman! I wish I had the "Universal Interpretor" you do! Your really keen to the hidden meanings, pretty soon you will see everything in "green zeros and ones"!

Thank you for sharing, what a piece!
Unbelievable, I am still shaking my head saying "how did he see this!?"

SoapFan said...
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SoapFan said...
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SoapFan said...

I really enjoy reading your entries. Great Work indeed and yet this is the first time I've commented.

It occurred to me, that the last item on your list of "14 items" looks like "glans". I have a strong anatomical background and glans in most medical books means "glans penis". The head of the penis, more precisely. You can check this in any medical terminology listing. I recognized it right off and it proves your analysis.

Again, good work. I'll keep reading.

SoapFan said...

Also after looking more carefully, I think the 14th mystery word on the list of supplies is "gloves"(but it looks like "glans" sort of like sutures looks like "Saturn")

aferrismoon said...

Thanks Michael - a lot is its because it gets ploughed up, tilled, reseeded, grown again, over the weeks.
As I concentrate on an idea it sort of emerges from the ground, true of all humans I guess, and then link it when it comes again.
This of course requires other stuff to be sidelined, and pretty soon comes a form which becomes easier to see , more detailed.
It must be said that I can miss the most obvious.
The egyptian stuff works strongly as many of us know about it from childhood.
The cartoons and comics have high-speeded multiple associations into our consciousness over years, all with the guard-dropping aspect that is the 'fantasy world'
The makers of Lost leave enough spaces for 'other' stories to emerge, but like CSI and all those they've picked up on the COMIC/Cartoon/Fast action/quick changes/image methods allowing TV/Movies to wean themselves off 'the storyline' and on to the Omndirectional Story-halo.

Glans = perfect, and cheers fro the Medical language, would never have clocked it
Despite it probably being GLOVES [I doubt they have a stock of GLANs hanging around] it certainly adds to 'my' personal story.
Considering Juliet has 'lost' him to Kate, maybe its her way of saying 'Dickhead'.


Michael said...

Regarding your Eight Bells sync at the horse races, I found this in wikipedia:

"The term "Eight bells" can also be a way of saying that a sailor's watch is over, for instance, in his or her obituary. It's a nautical euphemism for "finished".

Lends an ominous air, doesn't it?

Cheers, Michael

Eugene said...

The Dick quote 'to fight the empire is to be infected with its derangement' has been in my craw for years now. Its a hard swallow but the non-duality of the whole says its true.

"Innocent as a dove" and the pure heart as cleansed from hate for enemies is the "wisdom of the serpent".

Might as well get some tats reading "nail holes here" on hands and feet as mnemonic to keep from reaction.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Eugene.
Essentially it seems pointless fighting or even worse try to outguess those with their hearts set on imprisonment.
As soon as I think ' What would I do to stop whatever' I'm just going to have to be more fucked up than they are.

Within Lost , thats what seems to happen quite a lot. They fight, become firm friends, fight someone else, and they're no closer to anything or anywhere or home .
Nobody has any idea who is with who or not, and as such it seemed well relevant here, and in this episode the PKDick stuff seemed to leech out.
And the programmers advised the audience to read Valis [ a second time] which I've done , and it heps to digest both Lost and Valis.
I don't believe PKDICK, but I believe he took apart his own mind, while he wasn't very well. He seemed to have kept that together. I can just about create a pic-enhanced post
Cheers for comments