Monday, November 5, 2012



Anon said...

I love the photos.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

No worries Aang, all's well, despite the sods


Alex Robinson said...

Can't help but sense a whole lot of life in the hand that held the camera

aferrismoon said...

Walking everywhere proves lively.


Atlantean Times said...

The last eclipse of the Mayans is today/tomorrow.

If their empire hadnt ended they would currently be preparing for mass suicide/genocide..

My brother is currently in Oz and will be able to view the start of "the Event" he was also at the melbourne cup a few days back which was won by Green Moon. I told him in an email to back Fiorente who finished 2nd to green moon. I also told him that Green moon wouldnt be a bad bet either.

It is rather strange that my Bro has ended up in OZ and was at the melbourne cup. He hates horse racing and isnt really a fan of astronomy either.

I have spent my life studying the stars and have researched the mayans and their last ecplipse extensively.

I find it both wierd and off putting that he got to see an event which i have longed to see ie the melbourne cup and that he is about to view this eclipse in person an event i have watched many times using astro software but i wont be able to view in real life.

No fate but what we make for ourselves..does anyone believe this line from the terminator..i dont!

Sir Gawain..The last Knight..

ray said...

in the train engine photo, i like the composition -- cars, grass, sky, soothing and pleasant

on the thatch-roof over the "train barn" is a cross

thomas tank engines!

red umbrella photo -- after all these years i believe ive spotted you AF, in the middle there? with the Pet Shop Boys hairdo? didnt know you were married tho!

. . . leaves on stones -- priceless doubloons the fools overlooked!

boy eating his mcdouble burger while it dubbles on by lol

fog-photo is evocative and so is the puffsky above the sailors...

love the brokendown scales

the upsidedown boy, midair, has a great trumpet emerging from his mouth, aimed at the sky


A13 said...

Eyegasmic images!!!

haha just thought up that silly word tho it's probably been used before..
I do like your pics when you put them up here, everyday images that tell such stories and have multi possibilities..imagination.

to quote ray..
"red umbrella photo -- after all these years i believe ive spotted you AF, in the middle there? with the Pet Shop Boys hairdo?"

I've always imagined you as looking like the Xmen cartoon character gambit :)at least you have the same hairdo!
aahh...but NOT a cartoon ok..lets get that straight.
a human doppelganger of gambit ;)

certainly no offense intended there.

cheers A

A13 said...

Here is a good pic of gambit here:

the story written therin has no relevance to my opinion :)

i have no such crushes or desires for cartoon characters or people that remind me of them..ok.

aferrismoon said...

Yippity, married with 4 children, u can see 'em upfront, good as gold, don't horse around.

cartoon characters gets so much love , yikes they just voted for two in the cart-oo-ess-a

Ta for descriptions


ray said...

I've always imagined you as looking like the Xmen cartoon character gambit :)at least you have the same hairdo!
aahh...but NOT a cartoon ok..lets get that straight.
a human doppelganger of gambit ;)

i expected AF to look like a skylark and instead, in the pitchers we find him resembling Flock of Seegulls

perhaps in CZspeak the word for "seegull" is "skylyrka"?

... just trying to help here, no need to thank me


Penny said...

And the rosehips?!
Ah, Aferrismoon
They make a tasty snack when one is out hiking.
Better after a good frost and even in the snow
The freezing seems to make them sweeter
Sort of along the line of icewine
very high in vit C
and many other goodies
I have eaten a great many of them in my travels
Be sure to spit out the seeds!!


Rose hips are an abundant natural source of vitamin C, regarded as an important antioxidant. Used regularly as a tonic or food supplement, these compact, nutritious hips will help build the body's defense against colds and flu, catarrh, sore throats, and chest infections. Six to eight fresh raw rose hips, taken daily, will help prevent illness. Rose hip tea, taken following a course of antibiotic therapy, will help re-establish the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. The natural balance of intestinal flora may have been disrupted or destroyed by the action of antibiotic drugs. Rose hip tea can also soothe the nervous system and relieve exhaustion. An infusion of the leaves and petals is said to help bring down fevers. A decoction of the seed is diuretic and is used for kidney ailments and problems with the lower urinary tract. The pectin and fruit acid content of the seeds have a laxative and mildly diuretic effect. Rose hip preparations can also ease the pelvic congestion and pain of menstruation

give them a whirl Af
The brits used them to prevent scurvy

aferrismoon said...

Thanks Penny.

Have made Rosehip jam before now, they are great and thankfully abundant.

If you like to read about herbs etc.

try - there's 'Mr's Grieves Herbal' gratis


Penny said...

Thanks for the info, I now have it bookmarked :)

gotta show the hubster too

Somehow, I thought you would know about rosehips.....

since you took the picture...

john said...

Cheers Aferrismoon, a good collection of images. I like the details of the ground, sometimes a bigger picture can be revealed by the details. The vibrant yellow tree is good too, it looks a bit like it sneezed and dropped half its leaves. The photo of the dead flowers is interesting, such unusual colours. Hope all is good there.

john said...

and thanks for the link to Just bookmarked it as well.

aferrismoon said...

The dead flowers have a deep purply colour , they contrasted with the yellow leaves in the background.

Details make good photos, esp. if one does not have the seascape opportunities thay you do.

Mrs. Grieve's Herbal - a wonderful book.


A13 said...

Dear Fez :)
Hope you and your family have a happy Christmas..
All the best and a safe and peaceful new y'all..
Many cheers from Us in OZ
A (((hug)))

aferrismoon said...

Cheers dears, will swig a glug of Moravian wine in the general direction of Darwin - all the best

cheers [ again ]