Thursday, March 8, 2012

I of the Storm

In Syria events flew round Colvin/Pirate/One-Eye , algoro-cyclonic.

'Ich bin eine Merliner '

In uber-presence-OO-ESS-AHH multiple tor-nadOZ uprooted towns such as WEST LIBERTY
Source GALE.COM " Weather indicted in FBI Terrorist Sting "

Snagging the Po-Lease

Note Temple Entrance of the local authority building, Yikes! its a tax-deductable ritual offering

Syriously a-riz-ona

Embedded Loser Blog - DA BLACK WHOLE

Sifts the Debris


God appropriates wikileaks

One eye elicits a lack of depth perception , all that's 4D looks 3D.

Peer Amid Ships


little dynamo said...

yeah i like those photos paired, colvin one-eye and west liberty city hall

i'll get back to that later

also agree re "Syriously a-riz-ona"

colvin twins william seymour ('see more' and also Syrian 'Syr' root) who founded the u.s. pentecostal movement in l.a., as the "Azusa Street Revival"

= AZ USA phoenix

the Azusa Revival church's chief feature was bogus 'speaking in tongues' so, early manifest of babel-on (1906)

like colvin, seymour was blind in his left eye

his "church" was a premiere west coast advocate and vector for women in spiriutal leadership positions in "mixed-worship" congregations

cheers, as always your

Embedded Loser

aferrismoon said...

'Speaking in tongues' is now the 'earnest newspeak', plus the special word-ways for describing events and programming the masses

Arize Ona but remember to pay the fee-nix

Seymour - it seems Charles Harrison Mason received the spirit at Seymours pentecostal events -

"After his death, Bishop Mason was entombed in Mason Temple, the only person ever so honored in the city of Memphis. The historic church auditorium is the location of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's final message to the world. He delivered his "I've been to the Mountaintop" speech from the pulpit of Mason Temple on April 3, 1968."

West Liberty was named such as it was believed nearby Pikeville would be named Liberty.

West[ern] Liberty - as in foisting 'liberty' on others , and also taking liberties

Babbling on , saying not much , all emotional [ their official 'spiritual ] blather, misdirection, vaguery , deliberate lack of clarity - disagree and find oneself denounced and condemned in the same sneering breath.


Anonymous said...

Colvin looks like an Israeli or German general?

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Sure thing Aang - she looks 'war-film' , but just a bit before Germinsraelis , she's Admiral Kneelson

: )


A13 said...

Marie Colvin looks like a female Colonel a sea of insanity.. in a sea of will full destructiveness and pain..of subterfuge and gain..

aferrismoon said...

Nice one A-thirs.

A good book and a dash of genocide.


Anonymous said...

Marie Colvin has a name that reminds me of Hans Kolvenbach (the Black Pope). Maybe they are from the same batch of black wine:)

Anonymous said...

All this talk about AZ...It reminds I used to live in Scottsdale, 21st Ave. That was 1991. I had a nice welcome, a .22 stuck in the air conditioning in the middle of the night. Great memories!

aferrismoon said...

W - Funny you should say that as 'Colvin' apprently means 'coal-miner'

HB - well , AZ seems a hub of violence, with the border zone and rogue cops etc.

Perhaps the sheriff'll visit in daylight hours : )