Saturday, April 18, 2009

ROll up! ROll up! All LeGs HackimBO!

"Leggo' Jesus!"

Some earth shaking event left only the LeG intact

This guy's ritually missing a lEg , but he knows which way to GO....

..he has a choice

juft a wiffle thackwefaith

When EaGLes lose their LEGs they must fly

'Its the fulldress Toussaint's wakewalks experdition
after a bail motion from the chamber of horrus'


Alex Robinson said...

Am reminded of another 'thackwefaith' whose rearranged surname becomes 'red LEG"


aferrismoon said...



Devin said...

Hope I am commenting on the right post -it seemed my screen just jumped!! at first it said Aferrismoon didnt exist as a site-I have seen this happen before with blogs very intriguing -the bloodbath did start in earnest after LBJ-best as always!!