Sunday, March 8, 2009

Worth its w8 in Lead and Gold

ANOMALY 1132 I took at Paddington last week , at 11.32:47 London time.
Below a picture of Wylfa Nuclear Power Station , the project that brought my father to Anglesey - Ynys Mon where he and my mum met and wed/
The photo above I took in UK, first time there for 3 years . While ambling through London, stopped at the House of Commons to hear the MP for Ynys Mon talking about the decommissioning of Wylfa within the Welsh Debate.

Along with my foto of Anomaly 1132 [ time taken] I received info from Newspaceman to check out the North Berwick Incident - a series of photos and film of unidentified objects 'flying' at great speed [ something around Mach 6]. No photographic similarity exists between to photo I took and those from North Berwick, the similarities are that both myself and the photographers at North Berwick only noticed the 'objects' after the photos were developed. My foto takes place 'underground' and one of the points in the North Berwick story is of 'UFOs' coming from under the ground.

HMS Warrior at Portsmouth
Repairing to LOST Sawyer has taken on the name LEFLEUR as he travels'travails through time. This synchs in with the BLOBs lupine flowering. He lies that he's searching for the wreck BLACKROCK which comes out of PORTSMOUTH , March 22 1845 [ March 22 = 3/22]

Last Saturday, Feb 28th I travelled to Portsmouth and took many a foto of ships. sea, sun, birds and anchors.

John Locke holds a newspaper fingering OXO
Portsmouth FC logo - the city was granted its logo when , perhaps, Richard I captured copper-tone Cyprus from Moslems of some description , giving the symbol to the city of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is also known as POMPEY
Last year , in the watched by millions FACup Final Portsmouth defeated Welsh team Cardiff . Cardiff sports the nickname 'BLUEBIRDS'
Seeposts :


OOPS! POMPEY - Torchwood time-travellers in Cardiff


Anchors wiigh in at Portsmouth
A statue way back in time appears for a couple of braces of Lostees.

Anchors = Ankhs, while in Hebrew the metal Lead = ANK [71, the same 71 that enumerates IVNH - Jonah - a Dove]. In Lost a giant statue carrying an Ankh manifests momentarily and later in the episode an ankh appears in Amy's hand, and sparks off some emotional activity. This giant statue will lead to the discovery of a giant foot some millenia later. 'Foto of Anchor + Warrior'

How indeed does the Hebrew sound ANK and he Egyptian sound ANKH imply lead and some kinda deity-symbol.

Essentially the Hebrews just reversed a whole load of Gyppo Magick [ fuckin' nomads] but kept the same formulae.

The word for 'evil' = RO , pron. Roar, or Raa , thus sounding like a LION'S NOISE and/ort the prima facie Egyptian Sun God RA. All's fair-o in love and war!

At school we would sometimes draw an ANCHOR on the blackboard , prefacing it with the letter W. Such is life!

A Lostee holds an Ankh in her PALM

KPh = palm [also KPh-HYD] , KPh HRGL = Foot, paw] [ KPhH = Palm , paw]

So the basic component of the cupping central area of the hand = KPh, which = The 11th Hebrew character and the 11th Tarot card, using Sepher Yetsira , the SUN. U may note the RW pack with its full-on Hand-flash from the horse-mounted child


Locke - travels time , loses one cord gains another. He attempts to hang himself , then decides against it thanks to Ben, who promptly strangles him and then fakes the suicide hanging that he'd just persuaded Locke out of. Anyhow Umbilica lcords leading in an out of life , via Birth and DEath.

John Locke breaks his leg and Charles Widmore announces that his 'chariot is here'

Some fotos from a LIFE mag in LOST [ Creature from the Black Lagoon , n'est pas?
John Locke as Jeremy Bentham gives a few pointers as to where things may GO

Johns attachment to CORDS resonates with Sawyer holding the umbilical-rope a few pics above
Despite his state John indulges in a car chase, and gets whammoed at a X-roads overlooked by Twin Towers
Finally comes to a halt in the ZebraBoxCrossing

John Locke's false passport , renamed Jeremy Bentham shows him a Canadian citizen born in NY , which made me think of CANNY , a word often ascribed to the SCOT.[ Canada seems to have many links to Scotland, apparently a majority of their PMs have been of Scots heritage. It leads to this poster for a theatre production of The Wizard of Oz wherein the Tin[Can]Man sports a Tartan and Bagpipes - this links with many a post on Scottish connexions - Brown, Blair, RBS, HBOS, Bonnybridge, SNP, Rosslyn, Connory, Trump, Edinburgh and various geographical locations [ incl. golf courses] - from Newspaceman.

Oodling back to CANada , General James WOLFE died at the Battle of Quebec on the heights [ or Plains] of Abraham battling La Perfidie in 1759 ,

59 - 17 = 42

and while on the subject 77+42=119 = 7x17

HalifaxBankOfScotland has bankrupted itself - Halifax Nova Scotia had an explosion in its harbour

John finds Hurley painting a SFINGA [ Cz] - a pointer

Looks like Wise Womans pic of LION ROCK in NZ in her latest post THE GOLDEN MIL-LION MAN part 3
While in Bayswater clicked a ROBIN, a bird resonating with the Jake Kotxe at the Blob

Arsenal - Emirates Stadium - Arsenal comes from Arabic 'dar-as-sina'a' - house of Industry/Fabrication. Owned by Arabian Oil-Sheikhs . Arsenal classic enemy in the North London derby are Tottenham Hotspur - the 'Jewish club' aka 'the Yids' .

Just today Arsene Wenger mentioned in the press his anxiety of a possible terror attack.

sus-sus-sus-sus-sus-sus-sus-suspect device.

One spot we visited [ as my 'sputnik' used to live there] was Islington and by vicus commodius arrived at the EMIRATES [ Aim-Steer] STADIUM , home of ARSENAL FC. Took some fotos, talked about Tomas Rosicsky, a Czech who plays for them , though injured at present.

Last night caught the film INCENDIARY , starring Ewan McGregor. [Ewan = my first name] The story revolves around characters linked to a bomb attack at ............ The Emirates Stadium.

Lost includes things AtomiK , this cover from LIFE 19/4/1954.[UK dating system] Note the double 194 , Hebrew-numerically forming the word 90+4+100 TzDQ - Jupiter. [194 = 2x97P]

Using the Sepher Yetsira inspired Tarot attributions -


So Jupiter as TzDQ influences Sagittarius as QShTh [800] which means -

bow, arch, arc, rainbow , bowman , archer.


Dave Bowman shot through a rainbow tunnel while investigating the Black Monolith. His mission was to Jupiter.

Jew-Peter >> Peter comes from Greek for a RocK, the Hebrew equivalent = ABN [ eben, even, as in Ebeneezer ABNOZR-330]

Slang for a planet is sometimes ' a rock' , and the Black Monolith = a rock, 'lith' = stone

Worth its weight in Lead and Gold
Don't lets return to the Fold
Thank the Lore I'm not enrolled
7 is a secret never to be told
Though I might glow
Bright and Bold
Gotta put this POetry


Unknown said...

"sus-sus-sus-sus-sus-sus-sus-suspect device." Yesturday I had put on a compilation CD with the Stiff Little Fingers song Suspect Device! This same CD came up on a post of The Celtic Rebel's because he was quoting The Stranglers song Peaches which is listed under Suspect Device in the CD's jacket. This CD is synchtastic!

Cool anchor/ankh stuff. I thought it was odd that Ben wouldn't let Locke drop like an anchor on his own, and strangled him instead. I remembered that in a lot of spiritual and religious beliefs suicide is pretty much the worst thing one can do. I wonder if Ben was really saving Locke from a fate worse than death?

I think the LOST wiki says the Egyptian Statue was supposed to have 6 finger/toes like angel-hybrids are supposed to have, and some giant skeltons do have. But they cut it down to a cartoony 4 digits because it would be easier to tell the difference between that and 5.

Devin said...

I agree with Violator -very cool anchor ankh stuff -don't really have anything much to add-although I was astonished how much this post in some parts seemed to synch with wise womans! Will turn this over in my mind a bit-doubtful I can come up with anything useful-I wonder aferris-am I right in thinking that if the Sphinx is perhaps 10000 yrs old that it could be a version of Leo which used to be positioned to look at its reflection in the heavens? Sorry to be so all over the place-struggling with NRG issues and such lately-best to you!!

Occult Mosaic said...

nice post. good eye on the cord syncs, theres also a x marks the spot on the chariot wheelchair and the ceiling where locke is gunna hang himself.

i just dled last weeks ep today, im going to make a post entitled the lost ankh with the ankh pic.

violater- i also think theres something else going on with lockes death as ben could have just let locke kill himself yet he took the duty to do it. so the ? is why.

Occult Mosaic said...

not too mention we had operation cast lead started right at the end of 08 into 09

Indras Net said...

Jupiter,Peter,St.Peter/jupiter, Rock-Monolith-Great. lovin it, be well!

Atareye said...

boaz and jachin...
cross your eyes and be taken...

too the third elusive pillar.

Lead and gold combine
in this formula divine.

We are Boaz and our spirit jachin
God crossed his eyes as us he was makin
Body lead and spirit gold.

Alex Robinson said...

A gold star for the word magician as always.

Funnily enough while contemplating golden godly themes lately I noticed a sign for a brand of NZ milk called 'Anchor' & a quick 'wordy autopse' led to a 'golden ankh' via Ankh & Or (Fr. Gold)
Pic here if 'ewe wan'na see


Newspaceman said...

Aferris, will digest overnight, in the meantime:


aferrismoon said...

V - Great works by the SLF - barbed-wire love and Alternative Ulster spring readily to mind.
Nice idea about saving him from suicide - some I believe consider it a cop-out under general circumstances.
Will do more as its a very 'masonic' scene - check John's half leg, and cord around the neck
Devin - the Sphinx does seem to have a debatable chronlogy, heard about the Leo stuff. I like that its Sfinga in Czech, so its pointing somewhere
Terry - great one , didn't notice the wheelchair X
and ceiling X. Will do more on that
Indra -the maritime influences of the Christian story - fishermen, sea of galilee, the shape and nomenclature of churches etc
JK - Or sum
WW - will check out the milk [ and of milk and honey] - also Ankor Watt moves into view
Thinking of Latin - lead = plumbum , could corrupt to Plums, a pop. 'blue fruit' - grapes. Who Knows.
Felt the post glided into yours in some respects, perhaps the Island in Lost too.
News - remember the post. These things come up again and again in various guises. Bit of a synch with the comment about Paisley and now the 'bhoys' have apparently got back in the 'crying game'


Newspaceman said...

There is a lot to digest in this post aferrismoon. It must have been the trip home.

The passport was issued to JB on 12/12/07, the day before the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon and a year before the grand mutable cross.

will prob come back to you.