Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Proper Gander

...and as each and every unpredictable
and unprecedented subjective experience
of the progressive entry into
the newly-dawning frequency tuneabilities
of man's ever greater infra and ultra ranges
of conscious, objective participation in the total patterning
of reciprocal and complimentary integrities occurs,

the experiencing individual gains
tacit re-validation of his faith
that the comprehensively comprehending,
anticipatorially providing,
omniintegrity patterning
is obviously anticipating in so competent degree
as in no way to require the proselytizing service
of limitedly conceptioning individuals
in speciously preoccupying persuasion of others
in respect to the comprehensively anticipating integrity

which proselytizing when practiced
paradoxically results in abandonment
of the proselytizing individual's
direct pursuit of integrity

and substitution therefor
of progressively ritualized declarations
of thought numbing formulae

originally adopted to package-up the proselytizing
sales campaign routine
of minimum effort

and corresponding minimum challenges
to the participating individual's intellectual faculty
and requisite integrity of its employment

excerpts from No More 2nd-Hand God
by R. Buckminster-Fuller


Alex Robinson said...

Wonderful images!

We actually synched up because I was out last night with my camera doing a summery version of your jaunt - for some technical reason I can't seem to upload my images so signed out of blogger frustrated, but then came & found yours - just lovely.


Devin said...

Beautiful aferris! I nicked some of your pics-hope you do not mind-I will give them back if you do-thanks so much for continued references to Bucky Fuller-PKD and others! Tooth marks the apple is one of my favorite blog posts of all time-I hope you are doing great and 09 is treating you good so far! Hi also wise woman:-)

aferrismoon said...

Hi Wise - well it does take far longer to load fotos than pics of the 'net. Sometimes it takes 10 mins for 5.

Thankx Devin - Take what u need. They look much better when bigger. I have the top one on my desktop.

the weather , that day, Sunday the 4th, was cold but totally blue sky [ even chemtrails acted discretely] and all the pictures came out very sharply.
I live just across the river from where I foroed the birds.
The blurred one is from being outside, going into a shop for a couple of minutes [ warm ] , lens misted up and I took the photo. Quite a nice effect.

Its cold at prsent, quite a lot of snow and ice. They say the weekend will drop to lower temps.
Its ok when one's wrapped up


Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

I love the small white bird walking on ice with its little head bunched up into its body so there's no neck. I've set it as my desktop image. Thanks for sharing these photos!

aferrismoon said...

It could be the black-headed gull [oddly] . I live 20yards from the Vltava river, lots of nature but right in the centre of town.

The day was so clear that mosts shots came out very sharp.

Temps dropped today , lots of frost, all the trees white - snappety snap..