Thursday, June 28, 2007


Watched this film the other day. The day after writing the Samson jazz.
Samson's riddle:
And he said unto them,
Out of the Eater came forth meat,
And out of the strong came forth sweetness.
And they could not in 3 days declare the riddle
This verse = Judges 14 verse 14 and in the Torah consists of 14 words and 56 characters. The room in the film = 1408 and is found on the 14th floor, and a total of 56 people have died in it.
The Dolphin Hotel, where the room resides and Enslin , [John Cusack]has an ex-wife called Lily. John Lilly was famed for his work on Dolphins, and this synchs with the Blue Lily happenings at other sights. Enslin embarks on a frightening hallucination that also echoes Lilly's work with hallucinogens , alone in a sensory depp-rivation tank.
In 777 , Sepher Sephiroth the Hebrew word ShVShNH 661 is translated as Roses and Lilies. I see that ASThR - Esther also = 661
Shush now.

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